Why are pretty girls so bitchy? (or is it just me)

They won't say hello even if you say hello first, often won't even look at you. I feel like the invisible man.

how do they ever get to know anybody? Or do they just get to know hot looking guys?

PS, I'm not ugly or anything, just average.


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  • "do they just get to know hot looking guys?"

    Hot women are approached nonstop all day long with compliments and people kissing their ass etc, after a while of that happening it becomes sweet but boring. They are flatttered but frustrated - "Why does every guy I step into an elevator with comment on my ass"

    With the fact that they are hot, some of that comes from having good genes; however, if they are truly attractive and put in effort to maintain themselves, you should do the same to stand in their presence (this is the mindset of an attractive individual). Why should they put in effort to look good when someone else doesn't even try.

    Some of those attractive women are "done" trying to find a good guy that is confident and as such they lower the bar- but with that being said, you should be all the more motivated to win the girl over that you like. Don't look at road blocks or competition - just identify what you want and shoot for it, who cares if they are a bitch- that's where you move on and say "your loss" *smile*

    To have more success with attractive women:

    1) Join a gym and become attractive yourself

    2) Take things lightly, they are only putting up a front to scare away phony individuals

    3) Tease them back, nothing is fair in this world

    4) Use humor to an advantage to maintain their attention

    5) Be interesting, do things - be busy etc

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      Rather than writing my own post, I'm just going to make an additional point to yours lol

      A guy's approach is key. If he comes off as a jerk who's only interested in a girl's looks, she'll probably pass. If he seems like a genuine person who actually tries to get to know her personality rather than just taking a look at her and asking for her number, he stands a better chance. And, as always, confidence is important.

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      Haha thanks CR - I completely agree with you; however, there are those "certain" individuals that misinterpret a guy's intentions which leads to him being "passed".

      The problem being is the confidence level, some of the men (specifically the way I was prior to this day) out there- tend to have self esteem issuess when it comes to an attractive woman. We try our best to get to know them and really treat them right- but we never get a chance because of that part.

      Thank you again CR =)