Guys Ask Girls OR Girls Ask Guys?

Is that a bad thing? Ha..My class was debating about it with our guy teacher. He says girls should ask guys cause guys will get scared, nervous, etc. But uh...ain't it supposed to be their job?? Cause if girls do it then the guys will think you are desperate. And it ain't easy for us to ask either. So uh.... who is supposed to ask who? And is it a bad thing if girls ask guys?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not something you can generaliz to all guys and all girls and say "guys should do that asking" or "girls should do the asking". It's all a mater of who is going to be the more dominant partner in a relationship. The person with the more dominant personality will likely be the one to make the first move and ask the other out. Now when I say dominant I don't mean controlling, superior, or any of that crap. It's not about calling all the shots or anything like that. Just in general, a relationship needs one leader and one follower (again those terms have nothing to do with strength or weakness, just generalized personality types). Two people trying to lead will compete for dominance, two people trying to follow will never go anywhere.

    So in summation, the person who does the asking (whether it's guy or girl) is decided by who has the more dominant personali.