After they break up with a girl?

Why do guys act like they don't care after they break up with a girl? my ex and I broke up about a week ago...he gave me legit reasoning and I won't get into it all but he still really likes me, and said he wanted to be with me again in the future. for like 4 days afterward all my friends were... Show More

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  • Well I sort of have a lot of options when I break up. Sometimes I can even "upgrade" to a girl that was better off than the first with money, popularity, or beauty. Whenever I sense a relationship weakening I will start putting an end to the "he's dating her!" things and slowly strip away the little things or people that pieced us as a relationship. Than when all the pieces are gone and a girl I see might like me I break it off. Usually takes 2-3 days. However in my defense the only time I consider a relationship weakening is when we either spend less than 6 hours together for a week(not counting times she is away or when she is unable to) or we simply just don't seem to connect after 2 weeks of dating.(Very little similar interests or not a single kiss.) I don't put much emphasis in girls I'm with, because there are always lots and lots others that have there own unique qualities. Also don't call me a player, because I don't date girls just to get laid. I date them, because I enjoy the feeling of being in a relationship. Really getting hooked on a single person is just sad... You basically put yourself at there mercy and with all the horrible sh*t girls have done to me that isn't happening.

    • Wow, I feel kind of sorry for you my friend. What a bitter post. Everybody has been hurt, most don't come to the same conclusion as you with closing themselves off from love and never putting their heart out there again. I hope you let these girls you date *know* that you are never going to have love.