How can I make her miss me?

I have tried not calling her and she still seems nonchalant I just want to know how I can make a girl miss me

girls and guy I need your help.


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  • I know exactly what you mean, but the thing is, usually if a girl doesn't text or call you, and only relies on you to call her, then she's not interested. To save you a lot of time what you should do is keep on dating other women, don't just stick to one. But to answer your question send her a text on a weekday not a weekend, and just say something like hey I was just thinking about you, what have you been doing lately? So the key here is don't always be available, the more available you are to her the less she will want you, its weird I know. So basically if she responds back which she prob will, then don't linger with it, just ask her out on another date, if she says yes good, but if she says well I have other plans, and she keeps on having other plans and not texting you back , pack it up and move on my friend.

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      Thanks buddy