How can I make her miss me?

I have tried not calling her and she still seems nonchalant I just want to know how I can make a girl miss me

girls and guy I need your help.


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  • I know exactly what you mean, but the thing is, usually if a girl doesn't text or call you, and only relies on you to call her, then she's not interested. To save you a lot of time what you should do is keep on dating other women, don't just stick to one. But to answer your question send her a text on a weekday not a weekend, and just say something like hey I was just thinking about you, what have you been doing lately? So the key here is don't always be available, the more available you are to her the less she will want you, its weird I know. So basically if she responds back which she prob will, then don't linger with it, just ask her out on another date, if she says yes good, but if she says well I have other plans, and she keeps on having other plans and not texting you back , pack it up and move on my friend.


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  • Oh honey, I'm going thru a similar scenario. There is this guy who really likes me, and I know this because a woman just knows, plus, he was very obvious. Anyway, he used to call me, text me pretty frequently. He was kind of clingy and I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I became "nonchalant" with him. I guess he felt it and decided that it was best not to call me. It's been a week now and guess what?. I miss him! If I don't hear from him by Monday, I will text him. So you see my friend, I guess the best medicine is to ignore her for some time and if she doesn't call you within 2 weeks, then I'm sorry to say. She is not that into you!

    Good luck! And I hope this helps!

  • Dude: "she's just not that into you. " you can't force it

    *good luck*

  • I have asked myself the same question and the answer is simple.

    Just like they pointed out already, if she does not care than she can't miss you. It's not emotionally possible to make someone who is not interested in you miss you.

    Only if she has feelings for you can they turn to sorrow for not seeing you. I'm sorry if she doesn't seem stricken by your absence. But maybe you should try just not thinking about her a little. Do your own thing. And if she begins to miss you she'll text you or call you 'just to say hi'.

    I did this to my guy friend (who obviously likes me and I like him. So it was a sort of a test). He called me a week later 'just to say he's ok and that he was just wondering how I was doing. And that he's sorry he hasn't called me earlier'. All in all he thought I'll contact him first so he waited.

    You have to have the strength of will to not talk to her unless she initiates the contact!

    • Why did you test him? And did he pass? What if he had contacted you earlier in the week would that have been wrong?

    • No...that wouldn't have been wrong. He's my friend, but I know that with friends who are just that you can stand not talking to them a whole lot for a week or so...but if you really really like can't keep away from that person! And he passed! He proved to me that he just couldn't keep away from me...he felt drawn and obligated to contact me! ;)

  • I answer this from my pov as a girl. Sometimes when I break up with a guy & I'm not over it. If he's around other girls, smiling and laughing, it can make me feel some sort of way. And ill give it some time, & eventually call him and tell him how I feel about him. And sometimes it will work out for the best and sometimes it won't.

  • You can't MAKE anyone miss you. If she doesn't care then you might as well just leave her be.


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  • Dude... why does she need to miss you? Girls (to me) have always seemed to get more out of a respectful commitment than pulling grade-school stunts like that. And I think I know a little bit about that, being way too skilled at getting girls to like me. Show her that you care, rather than making her think you don't.

  • There's really no way. If she chooses to not care about you then there's no way to change her mind

  • i have tried not calling her and she still seems nonchalant I just want to know I can make a girl miss me