Why won't my ex boyfriend leave me alone when he's seeing someone new?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me about seven months ago because our long distance relationship was starting to get too hard for him. He wanted to move to be closer to me but he has children from his ex wife and needs to stay close to them, which I completely understand. He has just started seeing someone new but he won't leave me alone. He leaves me comments on Facebook every single day and sends me emails several times a week telling me that even though he's with someone else now he still loves me and has very strong feelings for me. He tells me that I'll always be the one girl that got away and that he wishes that he could just be with me. He also says that when I'm done with school next year he hopes I'll be able to move to be closer to him so we can be together again. He told me that he wants us to stay friends so we can see how we feel about each other when I'm done with school and decide if we want to have a relationship again. I told him that it's hard for me to be friends with him now that he's with someone else and that maybe it would be better if we put some distance between us for a while. He said that since he can't be with me the way he wants to right now that he still at least wants me in his life as a friend because of the hopes he has for us for the future. I care about him a lot and I really do want him to be happy even if he's with someone else. What I can't understand is how he can say all these things to me when he's dating another girl. I also wonder if he's just trying to keep me holding on to him or if he really means what he says. I don't know if I should stay friends with him or not. I want to because I really do hope that we'll be able to get back together when I'm done with school but at the same time I'm afraid to because I don't know if he's just trying to string me along for some reason. I could really use someone else's opinion on this. Thank you.


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  • Kick him to the curb with no regrets. he's playing with you're feelings and you're head.


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  • he's trying to string you along and have his cake & eat it too. if he keeps playing games with you and you still have feelings, he will always be able to go back with you in case it doesn't work out with the new person. don't let yourself get played like that. if he wants to be with you then he needs to be with you. if not then leave you the hell alone!