Boob hugs?

Can guys really feel a woman's boobs by just hugging her? I mean, can they get turned on by it? I thought it could only be a turn on if the guy was holding them.

Read this from another's comments to why a guy would hug a girl twice.


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  • I would answer yes. But all guys are different and age/experience is a factor. I would say it's more a turn-on for guys who have less experience. And it would also be more so for guys who are all about boobs to start with - as opposed to buns, nice legs or whatever. Next to dancing, hugging is also one of the few excuses (outside of Italy) to get that personal.


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  • Yes a guy can feel a woman's boobs by hugging her. As far as getting turned on, I doubt most guys would actually get turned on. They would like it, but that's about it. I've never gotten a boner from hugging a girl.

  • Yes to all your questions. I hate it when my hot female cousins hug me because after that split second hug I got to either sit down and lean forward or hide behind something so that I let everything below the belt settle down. Literally!

    • Wow, I did not know that guys were that sensitive to hugs!

    • The next time you give a hug to any guy, see how he hides it. I've seen it happen a lot so here's what else to look for. Hands in pocket so it's harder to distinguish a bulge, leaning forward a little more than normal, crosses hands in front of area, fakes having to tie his shoelace, keeps your eyes distracted on his talking so that you don't happen to look down, fakes a sneeze or cough away from you and my favorite holds absolutely still for a few seconds when visibility is very low.

  • It depends how tight the hug was and how long she hugged him. I doubt a 2secs hug will turn on a guy unless he never hug any girl before.

  • Coming from a guy:

    It's hard to explain. Regular hugs won't do all that much unless you have a big set of boobs. Normally what I consider a boob hug is when a girl cradles my head and rests it on her boobs. I can't say for all guys how they react to it but my own personal experience is that it doesn't turn me on in the perverted way but I really love them. It makes me want to fall asleep in her arms and it becomes a huge intimate moment. It's one of those hugs you never want to end.


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  • I know this is an old post but this is great information!

  • I wondered the exact same thing after reading that comment about why a guy would hug a girl twice, cos I never actually thought about that.