Why does he text me a lot sometimes and not so much other times?

OK so me and this guy have been talking for about three to four weeks at first he would send me sweet texts all the time, now he barley text me he works six days a week and blames him not texting as much on that, he said he would text me a lot at first because he wasn't as busy, and they just so happened to get more busy, he told me not to worry that if he didn't wanna be with me anymore he would tell me. should I listen to what he says or go buy his texting?! it is driving me NUTS!


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  • ummm...im not gonna lie. I've done that to a girl. I feel bad now that I read this...i REALLY liked her and would send her texts and we would talk for hours. but anyway the reason my texts are soo far between now is that I don't think she feels the same feelings I feel. I think about it a lot and I'm still upset over the whole thing but...i tell her I'm busy because...well..im not entirely sure ;( sorry.


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  • Trust him! God don't stress over it