How to tell if a guy is sexually attracted to you?

I like this guy and when ever we talk he shakes his legs. He only does it when we are sitting and talking to each other. What does that mean, is that a sign that he’s attracted.

Are there another signs that he’s sexually attracted to me?


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  • well, I don' t know about sexually attracted, but LOTS of magazines have said this, and I believe it to be true: if a guy likes you he will position his shoulders facing you. I have tried this with boyfriends, etc, and if a guy is interested in someone he subconsciously faces them. I've ALSO found that this is the same with girls, and that both sexes (subconsciously) pick up on this cue. I've used it against my boyfriend sometimes... if he's talking with someone else and not giving me enough attention (let's say... if we're sitting in a group of people) I will direct my body (my shoulders) toward someone else, and in just a couple minutes he's putting his hand on my leg because I'm looking like I'm more interested in someone else than him. but, if I stay facing him, and keep talking to someone else, he doesn't notice at all. check to see if he stands facing you, or if he stands facing another girl or one of his guy friends. more often than not, his navel will be pointing at the person he likes the most!

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      He's nervous talking to you. why is that? I think he likes you but not sexually attracted.

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      Yeah heard of that and the feet too! but I guess that means that he like her in general, not sexually I guess!