What to do when she wants to go slow? Girls specialy

I'm going out with this girl who wants to go slow, I've told her I like her very much, and she told me she like me too but that she wants to first be... Show More

OK, being patient, yet is there any activity that would particularly help my case? Take coffee with her? going to parties? movies?

anything I should do while being with her?

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  • I'm a really shy girl who has been in a similar situation. I remember just how much I really appreciated the guy being patient with me. I was friends with this guy for 2 or 3 months before we dated. I really liked him but I had a hard time saying it. I pretty much only hung out with him though. So, if she hangs out with you and few other guys that's a good sign. Make sure she knows she can talk to you that always helps a girl feel more comfortable too.

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