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How do I know if he's playing me or not?

So I've been talking to this guy for quite some time now. We both like each other and have gone on a couple dates here and there. We don't get to see... Show More

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  • There is a big difference between dating and a relationship, you are technically dating this guy, as in your going on dates with him. That is that means, you said you've been talking for a while and have gone on a couple dates. Of course he is seeing other girls, why wouldn't he, your not with him, your dating, so what.

    Unless you ask him if he only wants to date you, he has every right to be dating other girls to. It's just dating he's not committed to you, so I am going to side the guy on this one, he is not in the wrong, because you haven't asked him what he wants.

    • I know I completely understand what you mean. I just have a lot of feelings for this guy and I don't want to push commitment on him too hard. He said he wanted to "take things slow" with me. I just don't want to be a game to him.

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  • [ that makes me worry because I know he's probably seeing other girls. ]

    - Trust your gut and avoid falling for him until he reciprocates your desire of loyalty.

    Let him know that you like him and seal the deal into a relationship. If it's not at a relationship, you cannot expect him to comply with your desires; though it always helps when people understand the other person (Aka Communicate with him)

    Best regards,


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  • I've been through the same thing.

    Those guys are playing.. Believe me.

    If a guy really likes you, he thinks a lot about you and he will contact you a lot..

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