Is it possible for a guy to like someone else while he is already dating another girl?

Is it possible for a guy to like someone else while he is already dating another girl?

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Thank you for the feedback everyone, I wasn't expecting this much attention.


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  • For all those who said no, you are clearly just trying to say the "right" thing. She didn't ask if you have ever liked another girl while dating someone else. She asked if it were possible for any guy to ever like another girl while dating someone. This is something that is so empirically possible that it boggles my mind how someone could respond no. Why do people cheat? Why do people break-up? etc. (Not to say that this is the only reason for the aforementioned) It is certainly possible.

    I would say that every guy who has been in a relationship for a decent amount of time has at least been attracted to another woman. Even if you have no desire to pursue anything with said female, you cannot help attraction. It's easy for you to begin to like a close female friend as well, even while you're currently dating someone. Just because you choose not to pursue these attractions does not negate their existence. So do not answer no simply to sound noble. If you say no, at least back up your opinion.

    I personally believe that these temporary attractions are necessary in order to remind you just how great is your current girl. When I'm attracted to another girl, I begin to think of all the reasons why my girl is better, and it reinforces my feelings for her. These reinforcements are important in long-term relationships where you are bound to fight occasionally or have the strength of your relationship tested.

    Also, having this attraction does not make you a sleezy or uncaring guy. However, if you cheat on your girl, then shame on you, but I consider the two unlinked.

    • Very well said!

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    • What if the thinking doesn't rainforce ur feelings for ur girlfriend but let you think the other girl is so much better?

    • My original response was simply a general statement asserting that having feelings or being attracted to another person doesn't necessarily mean a guy would act on those feelings and cheat. I asserted that a guy can't always help the way he feels, but that he can choose not to act. There are, of course exceptions, so yes, this thinking will not ALWAYS reinforce his feelings, and if that happens to be the case, there would be many other factors determining how he would act.

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  • For me, no. I'll explain...

    I think that the honest truth is that it's possible for a guy to be sexually attracted to many girls at once, but only in love with one girl at a time.

    From what I've been led to believe though, girls are not the same way and many girls are actually polyamorous. They can convince themselves that they're completely head-over-heels for one guy one day, and the next day it's a completely different guy.

    While I can't get inside any other guy's head, it's impossible for me to have strong feelings like that for many girls.

    I of course know guys who are in relationships, and will turn their head for any other girl that comes their way, but I suspect that's because they don't really have that strong feelings to begin with.

  • Yes. It's always possible. Remember that dating is not marriage. As for me, if I'm dating a girl that means I like her but it doesn't mean that she's the only one I like. Dating is a fragile relationship. It takes time to build and grow.

  • Yes I strongly believe that but like many have written it's not only the guy girls can be very spiteful by having boyfriends just to get the guy they like jealous they can be a lot worse in that situation than guys can.but you did ask if guys do it so I'll give that answer.Yeah sometimes that can be the case other times guys just have to have a girl around them you know?.guys and girls have different ways of doing things and it really is hard to understand why they do it but that's something I think I wouldn't want to find out a little bit of mystery in life always helps plus you can always have that moment to wonder to yourself if things could have been different if maybe I just talked with him or her.

  • Of course it's possible. But if he's willing to blow off the one he's already with to chase down someone else he's not worth your time.

  • Duh, of course.

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  • I've been the other woman. A guy friend of mine was dating a girl who I USED to be friends with for quite a few months, and one night they were both hammered, and we were all chillin' at their place, listening to music and such, and she went upstairs to use the washroom, and he ended up over on the couch I was sitting on kissing me. That was when I realised that he had a thing for me, but didn't want to give up a guarantee like he already had with her. Too bad that didn't last, he kicked her out (literally threw all her stuff on the back yard, the front yard wasn't good enough for her). Now he's getting married to a woman "who's just like me". Way to make me feel better about myself. Oh, and apparently I'll get along great with her. That was 6 months ago that he told me that, and we haven't gotten together for a coffee even, so who knows.

    But ya, it's totally possible for people to like other people while dating somebody else.

    Actually, when I was with one of my exes, it was the same time the first couple I mentioned got together, I had originally wanted the other guy, but she got to him first (I wouldn't put out on a first or second or third date, not that he would've known that), but I was kind of into this other guy, so I dated him for 6 months, all the while I had wanted the first guy. I never acted on it, not consciously anyway. I made sure I was single before I started looking for a new guy.

  • Well yes of course. We are human after all people just like to think about what would happen if there in a different situation like they may for just a secound think well if I was going out with her... but then snap out of it. I know loads of girls who are dating someone but still like the look of other guys. Just because your going out with someone doesn't make them any less attractive.

  • i don't see why not. we're all human. have you ever not been interested in more than one guy?

  • Yes. Been there. Both been the girl who dated a guy who I learned liked someone else. And have also been the girl a guy liked while he was dating another girl (not liking him in return though).

    So yeah it happens.


    • ive knwn dis guy for a lng tiome and his gtas girlfriend dey benn togeda for a year and a bit i\dey hav a lng distance relationship and eritime I c him out he talks to me and acts all lovey dowvey bt wn I c him sober and normal he doesn't say a word... dn his sister tells me that he has feelings for me and daht he wants to be with me?? I'm so confusd helppp!!!

    • Wtf is with comment above mine

    • Sorry but I can't make much sense of the comment either?

  • It's possible for anyone to like anyone else while they are dating someone. That stuff happens all the time.

    It's if they act on it or not. That's the real concern.

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