If you ask a girl for her number and she says she has a boyfriend, what do you say from there?

like what if you want to just hang out as just friends, like how do you say that :)

im not gay, I just don't like her like that is all

yea well I'm just asking like why can't I have any girls that are just friends to just hang out. why is that such a big deal, talking to you, asking for your number and just wanting to hang out or study or whatever, I don't think that's a big deal is it


Most Helpful Girl

  • most of the times when a guy asks a girl for a number, especially if the guy just met the girl, it is because he's interested.. (I mean why would guys want to be just friends with a girl? that's what his guy friends are for right?) so yes, girls usually assume that's why you're asking for a number. then usually if a guy tries to explain he doesn't like the girl like that and just wants to be friends, girls assume its a cover to keep himself from embarrassment or getting his butt kicked by the boyfriend.

    basically its hard to ask a girl for her number to be just friends. try to not be so direct by asking to hangout sometime instead of asking for a phone number. or simply don't give her the impression you're into her. don't flirt with her, don't hit on her.. just act friendly. it also depends on the place you meet her. if you meet some girl at the bar and are asking for her number it is more implied you're interested in her than asking for a girls number at school, or while hanging out with a group of friends. back up asking for her number with something friendly like "so we can study together sometime" or "so we can all (implying the whole group, not just you and her one on one) get together sometime again"