If you ask a girl for her number and she says she has a boyfriend, what do you say from there?

like what if you want to just hang out as just friends, like how do you say that :)

im not gay, I just don't like her like that is all

yea well I'm just asking like why can't I have any girls that are just friends to just hang out. why is that such a big deal, talking to you, asking for your number and just wanting to hang out or study or whatever, I don't think that's a big deal is it


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  • most of the times when a guy asks a girl for a number, especially if the guy just met the girl, it is because he's interested.. (I mean why would guys want to be just friends with a girl? that's what his guy friends are for right?) so yes, girls usually assume that's why you're asking for a number. then usually if a guy tries to explain he doesn't like the girl like that and just wants to be friends, girls assume its a cover to keep himself from embarrassment or getting his butt kicked by the boyfriend.

    basically its hard to ask a girl for her number to be just friends. try to not be so direct by asking to hangout sometime instead of asking for a phone number. or simply don't give her the impression you're into her. don't flirt with her, don't hit on her.. just act friendly. it also depends on the place you meet her. if you meet some girl at the bar and are asking for her number it is more implied you're interested in her than asking for a girls number at school, or while hanging out with a group of friends. back up asking for her number with something friendly like "so we can study together sometime" or "so we can all (implying the whole group, not just you and her one on one) get together sometime again"


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  • huh, that's pretty cool. this type of thing doesn't often cross a girl's mind, I think, so it's kind of hard to get the girl to believe it, especially after she says she has a boyfriend.

    i mean, if you say to a girl "can I have your number, we can chill sometime, you know as friends or whatever 'cause you're pretty cool", she'll think it's a line to get her number and it's not a friend thing. (whether she's interested or not)

    if you ask her her number and she says "i have a boyfriend", and THEN you say "oh, nothing like that. I meant just as a friend thing, just to chill or whatever", ( <--- I guess that could be an answer to the title question), she'll think you're trying to cover up awkwardness.

    i've never thought about it, but yeah, clearly it's not always to hit on the girl. but I think for most girls at least, it's such a foreign concept that a guy would get a girl's number just to hang out as friends sometime, that they just wouldn't believe it.

    it's one thing if you've known each other for a while and are more or less just friends; or if you meet at school and have class and have some assignment to work on together.

    but if you just meet, think that person's cool, want to hang out as friends, then the whole opposite genders thing has to come into play.

    haha I don't know why I'm even answering this question, ohmylovely has covered all the bases pretty well and clearly she deserves best answer!

  • sayd "well I wasn't asking you to marry me, I was asking if you wanted to chill and do something sometime." but say it with a polite smile- that way she will pick up on the friend vibe

    • Not by message..

    • Of course not in a message, but in person is the best way to do it.

  • well lol you talk to her and just tell he that you just want to hang out and get to know her as a friend and strees thet you just want to be friends

  • Diffuse the tension by making it into a joke:

    "Well, in that case..." *turn to walk away* "Haha, kidding, I just asked for your number cause it'd be cool to hang out."

  • Just tell her that. Some boyfriends think it's inappropriate for their girls to hang out with other guys alone. That's their deal. If you tell her that you just want to be friends, and she still blocks your advances, let it go. It isn't worth it. You'll just end up offending her in the end.

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  • Tell her that before you ask for her number so it's clear as to why you are asking in the first place. I think if you point that out after she says she's in a relationship or try to brush it off makes the guy look like he's trying to save face.

  • Well like the girl said there brushing you off. Of course if your a smart ass youd follow it up with" well that's nice,but I asked you for your number not if you were dating anyone" She put you in an awkward spot so the only way out is to put her in an awkard spot.

  • Say "good!", first of all. Invite her AND her boyfriend to do something, like maybe a double-date, or a party, or bowling. Invite her and some other friends over to play a new Nintendo game.

    Keep in mind, though, the possibility that she simply may not be able to accept people of the opposite gender as just friends. Some people are like that. YOU may be like that, and not willing to admit it. How many GUYS have you asked for phone numbers from? Any?

    Good luck, brother.

  • aight if you ask the number out of the blue, then its probably will be interprated as "wanting to hang out..." which is basically wanting to date.

    how would you feel if your Girlfriend hangs out for no apperant reason with some random guy... who claims "does not like her..."

    Getting the number for legitimate reasons (study, ride.. excuse the pun, sports)is a different matter...

  • Your response should be, "How long have you had that problem?" and blow it off as it you did not hear it.

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