Is it a good strategy to ignore the girl that I like?

Is it a good strategy to ignore the girl that I like, or is it just a myth that women liked to be mistreated a bit? I am just talking about the very begging of a relationship though.


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  • First you have to give her a sign that you like her such as making eye contact or smiling at her. You can't just ignore her if she doesn't even know you like her. If you do, she will think you hate her which is not what you want her to think. Flirt with her, make eye contact, smile at her, and compliment her for the first few days and then give her less attention to keep her guessing. Then when she least expects it start being flirty again. It will drive her crazy which is what you want. Also, in case you didn't know, when you flirt with a girl, it makes them like you a lot more. Just have fun and don't over think it.


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  • Don't ignore her for too long, or she'll come to the assumption that you're not interested. And if you flirt with her hardcore one day, and then leave her hanging for while, she'll just think you're trying to be a player and forget you.

    Let her know you're interested in the way you talk/text, but don't profess your feelings for her until you're face to face and you've gotten to know each other a bite more. Don't be overly available and call her every single day. Text her, flirt with her!

  • a guy used to text me alllllll the time and I could care less about him and his texts. if nothing else they were flattering. then he stopped texting me for monthssss and then I ran into him and now I like him...

    TRUTH (for some).

  • Dont ignore her!

    a guy that I really liked and apparently he liked me back did that. Because I didn't want to come across as desperate, I didn't try to initiate contact with him and he ended up thinking that I wasnt interested in him like that. Our little miscommunication and his indecisiveness ended any chance at a relationship.

    if you like her, make sure you text her/contact her. Not like every day, but enough to make a point that you're interested. We don't like to be mistreated at all, chased yes, but mistreated no.

    i hope this helps

  • No0o0o0o if anything she'll just be annoyed with you if she likes you. Flirt with her that would be bettter and then ignore her for a little while she''ll be anxious.

  • MYTH!

    If you ignore her she will think you don't like her and don't have any interest in her. Girls like it when you're nice and flirt with them, they do not like to be mistreated at all. None that I know anyway.


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  • Flirt and play one day, the next completely ignore them. Back and forth, back and forth, keep her guessing. The key is to be unpredictable.

  • It only works when your both interested in each other, or at least act like you are, what I do is in order to keep the women in the loop, I hang out with one, then I don't talk to her for a couple days, by then if she hasn't called me I will call her on a weekday or text , but I won't say much just small chit chat to get to my point, another date, set the date and then make up an excuse on why you have to get off the phone. Then on another date with her. If you always talk to a girl she will think wow this guy is always available he talks to me everyday, he must not have a life. You need to be scarce at times for a couple days, by then if she's into you, she will call you first cause she will wonder hmmm wonder what he's doing.