Is it a good strategy to ignore the girl that I like?

Is it a good strategy to ignore the girl that I like, or is it just a myth that women liked to be mistreated a bit? I am just talking about the very begging of a relationship though.


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  • First you have to give her a sign that you like her such as making eye contact or smiling at her. You can't just ignore her if she doesn't even know you like her. If you do, she will think you hate her which is not what you want her to think. Flirt with her, make eye contact, smile at her, and compliment her for the first few days and then give her less attention to keep her guessing. Then when she least expects it start being flirty again. It will drive her crazy which is what you want. Also, in case you didn't know, when you flirt with a girl, it makes them like you a lot more. Just have fun and don't over think it.

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      this is exactly how to do it...all guys out there listen to her

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      lolz not really.

      When a guy starts ignoring a girl, she would think your not interested.

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      very true!