Why do we always reject those who love us?

Why do we always reject those who love us, and love someone who doesn't love us in the first place?


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  • Why not give the ones that love you a chance? You just might find love yourself... They say you find love in places you'd least expect.

    Alot of times with girls, I've noticed, they LUST after the druggie or bad boy. A lot of time in hoping to fix them or turn them into a good guy... I say, "If you could never appreciate someone for all that they are, faults and all, you were never in love."

    Meanwhile good guys are pretty much everything a girl could ever want, they just lack that sexual glow that bad boys give off... The LUST factor... Girl end up with an infatuation to the bad-boy, not love.

    LOVE is different... You're not gonna feel the overwhelming attraction right away. It grows in time. It's based off respect, admiration, and the want to be a better person for your partner... If you don't think you're good enough for someone that wants to be with you, or you're a little intimidated, chances are, you, deep down, probably could love them. But why not just start with the guy that has everything a girl could want, and try to BUILD the attraction...? Give each other some TIME to open up and be yourselves! I've always thought relationships should be formed between two people that make each other nervous, that try to work to be themselves around each other.

    I've always been a guy to lack a bit of confidence around girls I've liked. I've been shy/nervous, intimidated, a little awkward around them... ya know? But I've always thought of that as being a good thing. After-all if I was super confident, the girl probably wouldn't matter as much to me. I'd be just another bad boy, who doesn't love the girl in the end... Nerves are a good thing and it tells you how much you really want it. I just think it's about facing your fear, taking a chance and allowing yourself to be vulnerable for the other person. It's a really scary and emotional thing to do... But if the other person can see the value in the chance you are taking and has a good understanding of what a relationship is REALLY about, it's up to them to take the chance themselves and pursue something great, as scary as it may be...

    I think a lot of girls mis-interpret the nerves/lack of confidence or experience... The end up thinking the guy is like "out to get them" or "just wanting to use them" or something, but (in my case and other good guys) that couldn't be FURTHER from the truth! They just really like the other person and are unsure if they could ever be on the same page or feel the same... I think the lack of confidence to the girl means he's dangerous and a threat... NOT TRUE! He just really likes you for real! Maybe the uneasiness YOU feel is intimidation (by the good guy and his lack of confidence...) which could mean there's actually some potential there for a great relationship, if you can face your fear and give the guy a chance!

    I speak from personal experience, I can totally relate to this topic, but from the guy's point of view lol.

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      Damn, right man....................i guess some girls only have one eye open instead of two. They never really know what they actually have until they lose,it and by then us nice guys are left with a crushing defeat thanks to them.