Why does he flirt with me and talk about getting together but then not call?

He is always very attentive and complimentary. Always smiles and winks and vies for my attention, but then never calls


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  • Flirting is fun, you know it is, hell everyone does it to some degree. Also, guys are idiots. So, how do you get the idiot away from the fun and to where you want the relationship to go. So far he's not been rejected by you for just flirting, does he have a reason for not taking it further? Does he need to be provoked? Invited? Well if you want more act, tell him, seduce him, bludgeon him with a bat until he understands what you want from him.


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  • you might want to shoot him a text to get the ball rolling, if he doesn't respond then just wait it out...if he's flirting with you then he def likes you and he'll text you eventually


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  • i have been there , done that and doing that. lol .. when a guy acts like that he's not interested in having a relationship. he knows that you are pretty and he wants to flirt and knows that you are willing to flirt back because you like him and believe me knows you like him. he wants to see how far he can go with you .. he is PLAYING the GAME. ...

    you have to decide if you want to play or not.. if you do then keep flirting and know that things are not going to change


    ignore him and soon he will stop.. make it obvious you don't want to play that game. but you have to choose.

  • hmm.. where did you meet the guy? :P that's matters too. Also some guys are simply shy, they want the girl to pull all the moves 1st. That could be his plan, he likes that sort of girls? who knows. If you think he's a good man, I say, loose that "I'll wait for him to call" and call him. Cheers!