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What does it mean when a man calls you by your first, middle, and last name?

I am interested in this guy who always seems hot and cold. Recently we've been spending more time together in a large group of friends and has been... Show More

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  • I have one ex that I'm still friends with. After we broke-up, I started calling her by her last name. I have no idea why? My fiance calls me by my first and last name when I tease her or do something stupid. I wouldn't read that much into him calling you "Jane Doe Smith."

  • Very difficult to tell, when I say a full name to the girl I like it is purely in a heated dicussion about something that is bothering me. Just ask him, guys just do stuff sometimes and when it confuses a girl and they ask us about it, we don't think anything bad, we ask ourselves why we did that in the first place.

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