How can I make him want me and not her?

so this guy that I'm into is getting serious with another girl. he and I haven't really hung out much. we made out like once but there was alcohol involved so it wasn't anything special. I really want to get to know him better and he seems really nice but he is into someone else and I guess theyre going to start dating. I know that he finds me attractive, like know for a fact because his roommate told me that he had said to him that he would have sex with me if him and this other girl weren't going to get serious. I wouldn't want it to be just a hook up anyways if this guy and I somehow did end up hanging out. so I have to questions. 1 how can I win him over and make him forget about her and 2. how can I make him see me as more than just a piece of ass



Most Helpful Girl

  • Ummmmm.. well I think for this to work, you have to at least get into the 'close-friends' relationship... at least you should have talked to him a bit more.. make him realise you've got something more than as you say, "a piece of ass", you've got to show him, you would be there through thick or thin... but seriously, I think you could do better, I mean the guy said he would have had sex if he wasn't going out, that kinda shows off his lust for a girl is a large part of his feelings, and he probably thinks of you with lust, rather than love, go for a better guy, or else, if you really want him, you should be prepared to wait, maybe even a long time... try talking to him alot, being there when he is down, going on some dates and having a lot of fun, being a pretty great girl where, all his friends would be like, "she awesome", guys like when their friends are impressed by a girl... like I said, if you think he is worth it, and remember he might not even leave her for you, and you would just end up, hurt.. SO, if you think he is worth it, go for it, and good luck, but my advice is for you to find a better guy... :)