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How can I make him want me and not her?

so this guy that I'm into is getting serious with another girl. he and I haven't really hung out much. we made out like once but there was alcohol... Show More


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  • Ummmmm.. well I think for this to work, you have to at least get into the 'close-friends' relationship... at least you should have talked to him a bit more.. make him realise you've got something more than as you say, "a piece of ass", you've got to show him, you would be there through thick or thin... but seriously, I think you could do better, I mean the guy said he would have had sex if he wasn't going out, that kinda shows off his lust for a girl is a large part of his feelings, and he probably thinks of you with lust, rather than love, go for a better guy, or else, if you really want him, you should be prepared to wait, maybe even a long time... try talking to him alot, being there when he is down, going on some dates and having a lot of fun, being a pretty great girl where, all his friends would be like, "she awesome", guys like when their friends are impressed by a girl... like I said, if you think he is worth it, and remember he might not even leave her for you, and you would just end up, hurt.. SO, if you think he is worth it, go for it, and good luck, but my advice is for you to find a better guy... :)

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  • Alls fair in love and war. Your best bet is to simply be blunt. Express your feelings. Be more aggressive. If you try to be subtle, you'll keep getting pushed into second place.

    • Ah, talking about taking risk.

    • Without risks, we'd never get anywhere.

  • I think you shouldn't try winning him over.What if you were his girlfriend and someone else was trying to win him over? Wouldn't you feel really bad? He had chosen you so you had the right to be with him but someone won him over and made him forget about you. Wouldn't it be a really bad feeling?I'm sorry to say this but you are a little bit selfish. I'd say leave him.Also, did you hear this saying:"If you love something, let it free. If it comes back, then it is meant to be."Don't try to win him over. Let him free. If he still chooses the other girl, then your relationship is not meant to be.

  • As stated by erica_ellis you can't 'make' him do anything. It doesn't work that way. He has free will and he freely chooses to be with someone else. Sorry. Move along and don't look back. Find somebody who wants YOU. He's out there. And don't change yourself or be anyone's piece of ass. Hold yourself in high regard and believe in yourself and there will be someone who comes along who will appreciate that. Good luck.

  • What ever you do, don't fake anything. Be yourself at all times. I despise girls that simply try to impress all the time. You've got to keep your standards high. He's meant to try and win *you*. But that's just my opinion.

  • You can get him for sex, but I don't think anything will make him a loyal Boyfriend of any sort.

  • Ask him out, go on dates, do things with him..Don't play mind games...

What Girls Said 9

  • don't give him sex. he doesn't seem like a nice guy if he's just using you for sex. if you give it whenver he wants then he has no respect for you. so he's been with this other person and having sex with you, what makes him seem like a nice person?

    • Oh no we haven't had sex.just a drunken kiss lol

  • I'm sorry to say but, he probably wants something ONLY physical with you. Once a guy places you in a certain catogory in his mind, you stay there. Sorry. If he wants to go after another girl, then there's nothing you can do to stop him.It's very rare for anybody to do a complete 360.

  • There's really nothing you can do. I've been in that situation for a couple of months. I tried my hardest to make everything better. I tried to dress better than her act better than her make y looks different and everything but it still didn't work. The only thing you can do is just to be yourself, don't change who you are for someone else. And try to forget about him. Don't text him call him or even act like he exists. And most the time that's when they actually start to come around. I've tried this, He may be like hmm why ain't she coming around anymore and he's gonna wanna talk to you. It worked for me. And another thing try to hangout with different guys. If he see's your just stuck on him he's gonna know that no matter what he does he's got you. Act like you could give two f***s less about him..play hard to get. And watch what happens Good luck, hope I helped :)

  • doyourself a favor and let him go. it is not worth your time ok. I have been in the same place and it sucks. guys are sneaky. the one I like now, he is dating a gourgeous girl yet still flirts with me. if any alcohol is in us we act like we have a huge thing for eachother. I can't read him and plus I just had to think like the guy below stated, what if I was the girlfriend. I would be devistated. so don't let this guy take advantage of you. it is not worth your time. your only gonna get hurt. stick with what your morales tell you are right. WOULD YOU FEEL GOOD IN THE END IF YOU WERE IN A RELATIONSHIP AND SOME GIRL CAME A LONG AND TRIED TO STEAL YOUR BOYFRIEND?

  • you have to stand out to him yet seem unavailable at the same time. make sense? for example you can remind him you're still around and make him want more by being really flirtatious one minute and the next totally not paying attention to him/blowing him off. give him a lot of attention to remind him that you're fun and cute, and then turn around and totally ignore him and give other boys the same amount of attention you just gave him. be a flirt! not a slut.use mind games to your advantage. be hot and cold. don't be a bitch. just make him think you might want him one minute but then confuse him when you're not paying any attention to him the next. the key to get any guy is to be carefree and unpredictable. good luck

    • Hey good advice.thank you:)

    • Actually not, if he's a man with half a brain, he'll ignore you in a heartbeat, because in his case, there is another option already available that he's already set his mind tothere is little you can do, except wait till they're "bored" with each other and then come up as a better option. of course the question remains if he's worth the trouble but that's one that you have to decide

  • girl you can't make him do sh*t ---> sry but its true

  • If he wants sex, give him sex he'll never forget. If you want more than that, stay with him thru thick and thin. If you can't, go and look for someone who deserves you better. All the best!

    • Agreed I mean if you make it REALLY good he'll come begging for more :) then maybe you can hang out around the times you hook up, the more he wants you the more he'll want to spend time with you :)

  • Find another boyfriend.

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