Guys: why do you like The Notebook?

I've heard from so many of my guy friends and just guys in general that that's one chick flick/romantic movie they actually love. so, for those of you that feel the same, what is it about that movie that makes you feel you can relate to it? because I have to say, it's hard to believe that guys... Show More

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  • Personally I like the following more. I never watched the notebook, but I saw the trailer to it.

    A walk to remember

    Ps I Love you

    Marley and Me

    Those three movies are all-time favorites for the "chick flick" type of movies; I like them because I can see the reaction of a male that is selfless towards any given situation. Seeing a selfless male helps me understand where I am being selfish towards my girlfriend. It's helped me develope my own sense of style, seeing an actor as a role model to this situation.

    At the time of watching Marley and Me- I was flirting with other women. When I watched the movie, I saw the main actors love for his wife / kids / job / dog / etc - and compared that to his friend which was filandering with all the other women in the movie- that were attractive, but didn't seem to have much depth. So it got me thinking- Why would I push away the way I am truly happy, for a sense of satisfaction that I'm attractive?

    - I know I know, women will probably hate my old self, and I can't say I've completely kicked the habbit- but I HAVE improved.

    Basically, the movies resemble an alternative to reality- where I can see and feel the interaction from men and women in an "script-based-role" that helps me understand the situation at hand.

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    • Hm interesting and makes sense. I can see that. thanks.

    • My pleasure ^_^