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What is considered child molestation?

Still a debatable subject in the present time. Everyone should know by now that there are different interpretations of the word "love". But when it... Show More

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  • I'd swear you were talking about my cousin with a story like that. I can honestly tell you that whether your cousin meant it as a joke or not, he's disgusting and your younger cousin is going to be affected by that for the rest of her life. A kiss on the cheek is one thing, but forcing her to make out with him for twenty minutes? That's sick.

    He probably only told you because he needed someone to condone it. I really think you should tell someone. A 7-year-old will be terrified in that situation and not say anything, and it can only get worse from there. The girls in my family have a lot of trust issues because of our cousin, and I have this ridiculous fear of older men, I can't even talk to male teachers. It's not fair. What your cousin did can't happen again.

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  • Like I'm sure you've prob realized by now, yeeeeees that's definitely child molestation. And I don't think it's a thin line between what's love and what's sexual advancement. It's a thick, VERY thick line between the two.

  • Oh my god. If this is a real story, then hell yes he molested her. She is only 7. If he wasn't a relative would it be ok for him to be kissing her? NO! So why the hell would it be ok for a relative to do that. It is disturbing that a 20something would do this to a 7 year old.

    What do you think will happen next time?

    He was just joking and accidently had sex with her or asked her if she wanted to know what a penis felt like. I mean come on give me a break. It is disgusting and he needs to be stopped before he tramatizes this child any more.

    She needs to talk to someone about this. Children who are exposed to this type of thing usually become hypersexualized at a very early age or they become so repressed that they never learn the appropriate way to express themselves.

    • He should have stopped at the kiss on the check witch was fine, but when I read that button. I'm sure he met it as a joke that went to far. This is not good, she needs to go talk with someone about what happened. I don't usually talk about this much but I think its important, when I was 5 I had the same thing happen but more, and I will tell you this if she don't go see someone she is going to be a mess growing up, or worse.

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  • He should've known that's wrong, that's probably child molestation or sexual abuse.

    i bet that 7 year old didn't think it was very funny.

    who would even think about tormenting a 7 year old like that? That's just screwed up.

    I bet that 7 year old is going to repress that memory.

  • No, this is not debatable and there's no thin line here. The line is well defined and he crossed it. This was not joking around.

    Joking around is something that you can or will do in the plain light of day with other people around. This was hidden in a garage with no-one else around and used for one person's pleasure. The sickness is your "cousin's" belief that it was also enjoyable for the 7 year old.

    This is criminal child molestation.

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