What is considered child molestation?

Still a debatable subject in the present time. Everyone should know by now that there are different interpretations of the word "love". But when it comes to the love of a family member or close relative, is there a thin line between what is considered love and what is considered sexual... Show More

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  • I'd swear you were talking about my cousin with a story like that. I can honestly tell you that whether your cousin meant it as a joke or not, he's disgusting and your younger cousin is going to be affected by that for the rest of her life. A kiss on the cheek is one thing, but forcing her to make out with him for twenty minutes? That's sick.

    He probably only told you because he needed someone to condone it. I really think you should tell someone. A 7-year-old will be terrified in that situation and not say anything, and it can only get worse from there. The girls in my family have a lot of trust issues because of our cousin, and I have this ridiculous fear of older men, I can't even talk to male teachers. It's not fair. What your cousin did can't happen again.