Why is he hurting me!?!? is he playing games with me!?! I want him back!!

so my ex broke up with me. at first I was all desperately going back to him. then I left it all alone and he came to me after a while and said he missed me and wanted to talk so I agreed of course I played hard to get and I never told him I missed him too but then it got to my head cause he wouldn't text not call and I started telling him what was going on why he hadn't text me nor called me and he said he had been busy studying and taking an SAT test. and then 2 days after that he didn't text me again. so I text him I asked him again and I told him to stop playing games with me and he completely blew me off and didn't text me back. what do I do? I miss him! I want him back but how can I get him back. how!? what should I do!? what is he thinking!?!? why did he lie to me!?!?!