Are soft lips a good thing?

I ran into this guy that I kissed at a party a few months ago and when I asked him if he remembered me he said that he remembered I had soft lips. What exactly does that mean? Is that a compliment? Are soft lips a good thing?

Thanks! =)

Thanks for all the responses, everyone! Normally I wouldn't have thought too much about it, but the way he said it was so random, I didn't expect that to be the thing he remembered for! :-)


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  • yeah its a compliment if you want to be his booty call..or kisser call


    if you like him, which I think you do , because if you didn't you wouldn't post it on here and ask us

    but at least he remembers you, right?

    next time I would try to leave a different impression on him , if ur looking for something different in him.

    because if he just sees you as a good kisser/party girl that's the section you'll most likey be put in.. just be carefull :)

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      I like your response! Our first kiss was short so I was surprised he even remembered my name. We have kissed since then, and when I came to his house party last weekend he kept checking to make sure I didn't need anything, and all his housemates seemed to know who I was. After the party he introduced me to them and they were joking around with me. I went to another party at his house a day later and all his housemates gave me a hug. But I'm afraid you're right and that I'm his kisser call :(.