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Why do my feelings for my ex boyfriend come back after seeing him?

8 months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years and a half (my first boyfriend). It was very sudden and violent. Before we both wanted to marry,... Show More

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  • He definately stil loves you no doubt about it, I'm in a similar situation except sadly she does not feel the same. he is simply masking his true feelings for you by carrying on this charade. It is especially clear from his tears and his texts that he still has strong feelings for you. I have applied the no contact rule for 6 months and unfortunately it has not worked in entirety as I still love her, it appears to me that he is in a similar position. I would make sure this is really what you want before pursuing this further as to break his heart again would be unnecessarily cruel. Gud luck C.

    • Thx for your analysis, it does make sense. Yes, I don't want to interfere in his life and risk breaking his heart again. He?s been through a lot emotionally and looks like he found stability so I don?t want to destroy that (again). At least he knows he still means a lot to me, but we also said we couldn't go back together I will give it some time to see if my emotions change: maybe I got overwhelmed with these feelings all at once, seeing him for the first time aftr th breakup. Take care as well!

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