Hitting on older women?

So I had my son's 5 birthday party at a little kid's gym and one of the guys that worked there he was maybe 20 at the most. ( I am almost 33) hit on me. I was surprised do younger guys really not care about age at all is it just about looks?


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  • I generally prefer older women over younger ones. I'm 23 and my current Girlfriend is 6 years older.

    I am simply more physically attracted to older women. Up to 38 years old for me. My last fling was 10 years older and fantastic sex. She was so open to EVERYTHING. Not only was she fun in the bedroom but she taught me to cook and gave me great advice in terms of relationships with women. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be with my current Girlfriend for 4 years now with almost NO arguments.

    Not to mention it is a huge fantasy for younger guys to be with a older gal. Why do you think MILF porn is the most popular? So basically it's the fantasy, maturity/experience and the financial stability helps too. :c)

    Were you turned off by him lelebear?

    • No not turned off. He was adorable and I admit I could not help but think about what great stamina he probably had but I usually stick to men my own age.

    • Generally speaking, these kind of relationships are purely sexual. Just some short time fun for both parties. Have fun together, experience new things with each other and then move on shortly after. It's like a mini adventure, you know?

      Just make sure it's guy that has his sh*t together. You don't want him to fall in love with you and start lingering around.

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  • Most guys are scared of older women, although when I was 20 I was known to flirt with older women, just for fun. I bet you it was some kind of dare...the guys there dared him to do that.

  • Your age in numbers doesn't define how you change as a person through your life. Your appearance is sort of like a summary of how you've changed, due to the clothes you wear, the way your body carries itself, and the way you talk. So in that sense, your looks are more important than your "age" and really, your age doesn't define you at all if you don't let it.

  • Looks, personality, intelligence, ... whatever. It's difficult to impossible to define attractiveness.

    If you go for it, younger guys are more evenly matched sexually to older women.

  • Honestly most men sexually want all women aged 18 plus a day that are physically attractive to them but its a fling - ego experience for them more than anything else so take note of that !

  • I just saw your pic and my first impulse is to hit on you myself. You're rather sweet looking.

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  • I don't like some of the generalizations on here about younger men only want older women for sex that is so not true. As you can see I am 34 and my boyfriend is 20 and we love each other very much. We are also an interracial couple(he is white) so we have a lot of things different about us that people try to make since of. We have the same friends and they actually encouraged me to go for it because they never seen a couple so perfect for each other. They think him and I are soulmates. I don't have children and I haven't been married . So we can grow together lets hope because he is most handsome, loving, sensitive,caring,sexy, and wonderful person I have ever known. I feel blessed.