Whats up with him, dose he think im annoying or somthing?

So I've liked this one guy for awhile, and we use to aways text and talk after school, he even asked me to a movie(witch I couldn't go to, but still). Yet in the last week he started talking to me less and never texts me with me texting him first, and even then its only one reply back

This is all very odd to me because just the week before his friends even told me that he liked me and he was going to ask me out, and when I asked how he felt about us he didn't even give me a clear answer

Whats up with him, dose he think im annoying or something?


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  • Omg this exact thing happened to me!! (or is happening to me now) yeah I really didn't understand why he kept txting me less and less and not replying but like once, and I asked him why and all he said was "i have a lot going on rite now" I don't know whats up with that, I think that maybe guys that you only txt and not actually go out places with, kinda just get bored with just txting and just aren't really that attracted to you anymore unless you actually GO somewhere together than just txt, you know what I mean?. Just give him some time 2 himself and if he realizes he still wants to talk to you or misses you or whatever, I think he will come back 2 u. I think that is best, because when I stopped txting him, he started txting me again...i think if you keep txting him you kinda annoy him or something I don't know. But anyways good luck! ?


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  • He probably feels rejected that you didn't go to the movie. Did you explain why you couldn't go to the movie or just simply I can't go? That is just a feeling of rejection. His techniques of doing things are techniques I use too. It makes the girl think like crazy what the hell happened. Shows her what she has lost. He waits for you to text him so he acts like he doesn't like you or is not interested. He gives you one reply back which that means he is mad. He didn't give you a clear answer because he is confused, shy. He doesn't think your annoying him. He is trying to flip the tables over which he basically did. Instead of him being after you now you are after him.

  • I think hormones. When I was <18 (and even now), I'd think one thing and madly feel for someone one week, then not feel at all like it the next (very confusing for me and them). I expect the seeming rejection set it off. I'd invite him to a movie.


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  • That's what happened to me. Kind of, but something similar. I still have no clue, but since I really didn't try to talk to him and then I did, I think my guy just thought I didn't like him.

    For you though, it seems that maybe he's just overwhelmed right now. Maybe he thinks things are going to fast. I really don't know what else to say, since I still have no idea myself^-^.