Does meeting people online really work?

I'm sure all of you like me see advertisements from time to time of some online dating site. I guess I've just been raised to believe people online are generally either unstable or not who they claim to be( think overweight gay man pretending to be hot girl...). However I'm not interested in girls where I live anymore. I KNOW them too much. I KNOW the issues they have and I KNOW I wouldn't want to spend more then 1 day around them. I just wonder if maybe somewhere else it's different... Where relationships aren't about showing off who someone is dating( think nerd girl dating high school quarterback) or NEVER ENDING DRAMA(think girl snapping at boyfriend for quickly glancing at a girl walking by) or my personal favorite money...

So is it different out there?


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  • It works no better than meeting people in real life to be quite honest. If some one is going to be fake, they will be fake regardless. The internet is not required for this to be true. There are advantages and disadvantages to meeting people on the internet. Chances are you will have to take part in a long distance relationship, which has challenges that are unique to long distance, at the same time, however, you have the ability to meet a greater quantity of people over the internet than you do in person. My dad found a person on eharmony that will likely be a lifelong friend (dating didn't work out for some reason o_O) and my in-laws found one another through eharmony as well. My husband and I met through a Harry Potter chatroom. I feel like anything in life is possible if you only give it a chance and approach it with an open mind. Going into things jaded almost always causes problems :-\

    • A harry potter chatroom? o_O. How did you guys go about meeting each other in real life? Did one of you just say a place to be and you both went there?

    • We were friends for several years before starting an actual relationship. We began our romantic relationship when he was in college and I was in high school. I also happened to be accepted to a college that was in the same state he lived in (by fluke really - I was recruited to play softball there during the summer before we were a couple). I later transferred to his college and finished my degree :3

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  • it is so hard to trust anyone online. period. but sometimes people can get together that way

    • I completely agree there-you can't see the person.

  • Meeting people online isn't the worst thing in the world. You can meet someone at a bar who seems normal but then they end up being completely crazy. Of course, there are dangers, but there are a lot of amazing people out there on the web!

    I met a pretty cool guy off the net. He was slightly, that might be an understatement, but never the less he is decent. I also met a girl who is just a friend and she is like the best thing ever, haha! I love themmmm.. :)

    Think of it this way... there are plenty of people who are stable and interesting who feel the same way as you about people in their they go online!

  • I'm convinced fate does exist-i met my boyfriend in a forum, not a dating site, and we just got talking, traded emails, and have been chatting everyday since. Also, as far as the 'lying on the internet is easy' part; webcams people, webcams, then its like you're talking to them face to face

    And yes, distance does kinda suck, but we got lucky, we're only a few hours away, and this guy is truly worth it. I know I was getting sick of the same old idiots with their drama, you can honestly find some great people online, I mean, think about it, if you're feelings drive you to look online, chances are there's a lot of other people feeling the same way and doing the same thing.

  • No it ain't no different. Sorry to burst your bubble. Wherever you go, boys will be boys, and girl will be girls.

  • I met my rapist online. but I also met my fiance. there's everyone on there, its hard to know who to trust, all I can say is follow your gut, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

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  • While I've never tried online dating, I think if/when I become single again I could give it a try. Especially if you can find a "specialist" site that caters to common interest (eg. I'm kind of a geek, if you couldn't tell by the name, and I have yet to date someone with common interests, and I know there are sites out there for that). Of course you will run into the freaks online, but there are also normal, decent people there.

  • The Internet is full of pedophiles and axe murders! Lookout!

    Actually my friend met her husband online and they have been happily married ever since. I won't g near dating sites with a 10 foot pole though... make that 11.

  • I met my ex online, we were browsing the same forum, we were 2 years together then she dumped me, she met someone on the internet 10 years older than her :O

  • If you mean meet people as in chat and have conversations, then that is generally fine, as long as you are careful about the personal information that you share. If you're talking about meeting people in real life, then there are a lot of risks involved in that. You really do have to be careful when you meet people on-line because you never know what the actual truth about that person is. Even when people post pictures, how do you know that it's really of themselves? So there really isn't any "true-blue" way of meeting people on is the best place provide the most comfortable ways to meet people online. provide a meeting place where millions of single people could meet each other, relax, be encouraged, entertained and feel happy, where every alone heart can find the soul mate,dating tips, because online dating is really a big chance to open your heart and to be heard.playing games,discover friends , you'll meet new friends not only in your area but all over the world.

  • yeah they do work I mean I've had countless times where I've gotten laid hha

    but also I'm meeting this girl I've been talking to for a year soon and yeah I kinda like her lol

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