He texts first, then doesn't reply?

What's up with that? This guy will text me out of the blue, asking about work and how am I am, then when I reply, he won't or if he does it'll take FOREVER. So basically the convo dies, lol. What's up with that? Guys?


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  • Same exact thing with me. I never understand that. The guy will send me a text, a conversation opener, I'll answer the question right away and ask him a question as well, then I won't hear from him again until he texts me again with a new conversation. I don't get it either, why text me and start a conversation if you have no intention of continuing it?

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      Exactly!! this is exactly what I mean. guys, what is this about? lol

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      You couldn?t have said it good enough .but he sent me a text and asked when am I going to see you again- ..??