Do girls wear short skirts on purpose?

Do girls wear short skirts on purpose to tease guys? It's kind of ridiculous how short their skirts can be and how they just dance and bend over like nothing!


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  • I agree with Lorli and Soxfan94 on this one. The comment from Experience says it all. In one statement she wants to show off her legs, and in another she's not thinking about guys every second.

    So are you showing off your legs to both men and women in an attempt to get attention? I get that teasing is a bit more personal than a mere fashion.err.leg statement, but let's face facts, you're trying to solicit something, and I'm sure it's not involving reaction to your latest study of the American Bald Eagle in it's winter nest.

    And think of going out dancing, and some guy is getting an eyeful. What do you do when the song is over? Don't you tell the story to you're friends with a big, ear to ear grin, and you feel ever so confident? Don't you point him out, and your friends begin to make commentary on whether he passes muster?

    The girls that attend clubs with the groups I go out with do this time and time again.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging or saying it's bad. I'm just pointing out your doing more than "just being a girl". You're out there, attracting the herd, and trying to get the pick of it. Or at least you're trying to take them away from their activites. In which case, you are technically teasing if you leave them hanging. And we all know that guys in a club don't always come away with what interests them.

    I for one think it's better they don't, and am not big on dance floor hook ups, but I still call it as I see it.

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  • Sorry, guys, but I don't dress for your amusement. I wear clothes that I think look good on me and are comfortable. If I wear a short skirt, it's because it feels cool and comfortable.

    Sorry to disappoint you!

  • Uh...showing off your legs to whom? Although, I think it's hard to gauge a guys' reaction. we look at ourselves and say, "according to such and such standards, this looks pretty good." and then you see her wearing it and probably aren't as much concerned about the trendy new double-flares of the skirt as much as the perfectly timed glimpses of lingerie.

    • But if we can't see the lingerie in a club for example, then its best to see a skirt, ya know what I'm saying?

  • Why would girls wear short skirts on purpose? Nope it's totally accidental. It's like you trip over and all of the sudden your skirt loses a couple of inches of fabric XD

  • I agree with "experience".

  • ahaha sometimes but most of the times I would wear one during the summer to keep myself cool.

    • dont you know that turns a man on, knowing you don't have any panties on.

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  • I don't think it's not necessarily to tease guys so much as it is a vain sense of self satisfaction.

    SOME might do it to tease guys, but I doubt that every time a girl wears one that's her aim. Usually I think it's cause they

    1. Look good and they know it so they just want to show it off. Like I said, vanity.

    2. Think they look good and want validation via attention grabbing attire.

    3. In rarer cases the wearing of a short skirt might be part of a plan to tease a guy or guys, but unless they're specifically doing things to direct attention at the shortness of their skirt, i.e. bending over right in front of you and taking too long to stand back up or anything like that, then I don't think that's the case.

    To the girls who said they do it because they want to look good, well obviously part and parcel of that is to look good to the opposite gender. They can say all they want about just wanting to look good in general, but let's face it. Girls worry a hell of a lot more about how they look to the opposite sex than guys do. So yeah they might be trying to show it off, prove to themselves and others that they look good, but I doubt it's specifically meant to tease because personally I think a lot of girls don't realize just how very visual and easily turned on guys are. A girl dancing in a short skirt can be enough to get a guy up, ready and raring to go.

    Girls tend not to realize that if they look even halfway attractive and wear something that is at all revealing, then they probably were the cause of a dozen or more erections just from walking around that day, and even more if they were dancing at a club or something. It's not that guys are out to bang every attractive girl they see, but we're very visually oriented so sometimes we just really can't help it, it's worse in younger guys.

  • More often than not girls dress up to impress other girls, not guys. It's a form of competition or something.

  • Who cares that much if they are trying to tease us or not, they look good don't they! Deal with being teased and enjoy seeing an attractive woman.

  • im in a philosophy class. they teach you about different reality's. in a girls reality, or a point of view, its because they feel good in them (if they in case have the body for them) and sometimes its just too hot to wear pants, just like when we wear shorts, ya know?

    in a guys point of view, or "reality"... when a girl wears a short skirt, its to show the skin, the leg and just a hope to see a mere glimpse of what's underneath

    its all got to do with gender and how we perceive different things

    for example: a girl I like was wearing kind of a slutty shirt the other day, she may have thought oh, well, this is cute, ill wear it just to as the girls say "feel good in it"...but when she walked in, she could tell I was looking at it the whole time (haha, no I'm not a creeper, just saying, it showed a lot of skin, that's all)

    so girls, when you do wear them take into consideration, our point of view, if ya don't want us staring, or hitting on you because of them, don't wear them, if you're hot, wear shorts, if you want to feel good and not wear shorts, wear LONG skirts

    hope this helps

  • Lol - all the girls who said they do it for themselves are just talking balls. Just put women in an environment with no men and see how long it takes before their skirts get longer! lol It's so cute though when they pretend otherwise though bless em.

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