Do girls wear short skirts on purpose?

Do girls wear short skirts on purpose to tease guys? It's kind of ridiculous how short their skirts can be and how they just dance and bend over like nothing!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree with Lorli and Soxfan94 on this one. The comment from Experience says it all. In one statement she wants to show off her legs, and in another she's not thinking about guys every second.

    So are you showing off your legs to both men and women in an attempt to get attention? I get that teasing is a bit more personal than a mere fashion.err.leg statement, but let's face facts, you're trying to solicit something, and I'm sure it's not involving reaction to your latest study of the American Bald Eagle in it's winter nest.

    And think of going out dancing, and some guy is getting an eyeful. What do you do when the song is over? Don't you tell the story to you're friends with a big, ear to ear grin, and you feel ever so confident? Don't you point him out, and your friends begin to make commentary on whether he passes muster?

    The girls that attend clubs with the groups I go out with do this time and time again.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging or saying it's bad. I'm just pointing out your doing more than "just being a girl". You're out there, attracting the herd, and trying to get the pick of it. Or at least you're trying to take them away from their activites. In which case, you are technically teasing if you leave them hanging. And we all know that guys in a club don't always come away with what interests them.

    I for one think it's better they don't, and am not big on dance floor hook ups, but I still call it as I see it.