How to make a burn heal faster?

well I used an eraser on my skin to burn myself and I succeeded in the burning and now if my parents see the burn they will freak so I need a way to get it to heal faster. answers are welcome and I don't need to be lectured on how stupid I was for burning myself I didn't ask for that.


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  • Well first, you really should sterilize it since the eraser probably wasn't that clean- you can use medical peroxide (the kind meant for first aid, not for your hot tub or your hair) or polysporin. Making sure it doesn't get infected will help it heal faster. Then, Vitamin E works quite well for healing most things and reduces the chance of scarring which is good since you're still pretty young. No lecture, but please try another way to work those feelings out- coming from a former self-abuser, you really don't want to go down that road. Good luck with the burn, I hope it heals!


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  • Neosporin.

  • use salt on the wound to make it heel faster. it will sting and burn but it will heal faster.


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