Flirts then ignores?

OK question? If a guy flirts, makes long eye contacts, always greets me in the morning when passes my workplace and says Bye when leaves (exclusively for me) etc., one day and then after a couple of days like I'm not there, no Hi (not even a glance) in the morning, ignoring during day etc. It means he just wants to flirt on his conditions and nothing more? And we kinda were starting to hit very good lately, so that's why I was wondering what happened?


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  • Playing games. Maybe he's trying to gauge your interest in him, and wants to see your reaction if he doesn't flirt. And see? This is your reaction. :) Don't give into him. Give him a week or so, don't react to it. If he becomes friendly again then be friendly with him. But not until then.

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      I totally agree with you. I am going through the same thing. Flirty, I was sure he liked me, he knows I like him, and there is this interested / ignore back and forth thing going on. I NEVER ignore him because I agree that it is immature. When he ignores me then I just go on...I don't get mad (although for awjile when this happened it would feel like a mule kicked me in the gut). Then when he comes around we get along again...then the ignoring starts. All he is doing is driving a wedge. Games