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Why are women in the US so uptight and defensive around men?

Hi, I seem to have noticed how defensive and uptight women are when they are around men in the US but why the hell is that? How come they get so paranoid when they are out in public around men? Even at bars and clubs the women seem defensive and scared that a man started a conversation with them. What is wrong with these women? Don't they want to meet men? How the hell is a guy supposed to meet women when the women are uptight, defensive and paranoid around them? This happens to a lot of guys I know they all say the same thing. It's like women in the US have a social disease or something!How is the courtship process supposed to begin when women in America won't even make eye contact with men! WTF? One theory is that women in the US are being hit on left and right and they don't want anymore unwelcome male attention so they purposely avoid making eye contact with men. What a great country to live in if you a man trying to meet women!Why are girls so paranoid around guys? The guy hasn't done anything and you freak out.

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  • Have you observed some of the men in the US in action? lolAlso not all women are defensive and scared, it is possible that they are not interested in you and your friends.Personally if I am not interested in a guy for whatever reason I avoid eye contact with him so he won't try to talk to me. Everytime a woman leaves the house, doesn't mean she is soliciting for male attention. Maybe they have a man at home or just aren't interested for whatever reason.I think instead of generalizing, you should probably look in the mirror and ask yourself what it is about you that repels women. Advise a lot of the guys you know to do the same. Women outnumber men 7 to 1 in some areas, there are a lot of women who would jump at the chance to meet a new guy so maybe it's just you.

    • What areas would they be? they probably must be rural or suburban areas.

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  • In 30 years of dating I've rarely run into that. If it's really a pattern for you, I'd say you might want to look inward, not outward for the explanation.