How to stop crushing on someone?

The life of a 16yrs old teen is not easy. Any way I have this crush on my guy friend and no matter WHAT I do I just can't stop liking him (which I want to), I will try anything like p*ssing him off, arguing with him (but we still be friends after these arguments) and I try to think about all of the... Show More

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  • well some of those things that you do (like tryin to have arguments and such) can actually work towards makin a healthy relationship.. what you need to do is things that do NOT involve him.. like just play sports or go over friend's house or make more friends.. it might seem like it's not helping at first but after awhile you will see that you stop thinkin about him as much.. then you might even run into someone else you like which could expedite the process even more.

    • How could I do that when I hate going at people houses and whenever I am at school he is just there. I mean whenever he is not around I could just sense e is there, Why is that?