Why is it so hard for people to believe in god , devil ,demons spiritual things?

They never want to accept that it is true god exists and the devil and his demons too, many people have even went through it in there life's and even saw them before like me and I am not crazy

they always want to find a scientific explication


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  • Ever hear of Occam's razor? It's the concept that (sorry for the bad spelling in advance) "entia non sunot multiplicanda praeter necesitatem." "entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity" (in other words, the simplest solution is usually the correct one).

    Ever play the telephone game? You line a bunch of people up, then have the first person whisper something to the person next to them, and each person down the line does the same. By the end, you have something that could be VERY different from what was originally said.

    I am a christian, but can be skeptical of certain people claiming certain things. I believe that the bible has many places where it mentions not just taking things on what someone has said.

    For example, a guy I knew said he played with a Ouija board, then started hearing music and voices. He asked his roommate, "did you hear that?" The roommate said "No" which automatically meant demons were talking to him because she played with the Ouija board.

    To me, there are too many variables to just go ahead and believe him without cautiousness. I don't agree with him, but I try to respect his beliefs.

    However, maybe the roommate was hard of hearing. Maybe he just didn't understand what he was supposed to be listening for, so he said "no." Maybe the friend couldn't hear certain pitches and tones... I can hear sirens a full minute before my parents can, for example.

    Maybe my friend's roommate was concentrating on something else and didn't notice what was being said. Perhaps my friend didn't remember things exactly, 100 percent clearly. Perhaps he has a slight mental disorder.

    Yes, it COULD be demons, but I believe we shouldn't just jump to the conclusion that he WAS hearing demons just because he said it was.

    As a christian who believes in the devil, I think it's prudent to be careful of giving the devil credit when he may have simply not had anything to do with the situation.

    There's a belief I hold that the problem is either in believing that the devil has a lot more power than it does, or on the other hand, that the devil could not possibly exist.

    I'm an illusionist - a mentalist (someone who makes a career out of illusion and psychology) - people will swear that I've done things in my show that I never did, and they remember differently, and that is part of the strength of my fan base, and part of the strength in audience management.

    With a lot of guts, a lot of study, and a lot of practice, there's nothing I do beyond chance that someone else can not duplicate scientifically and with some psychology, yet I have been called a "demon spawn." Some Christians have accused me of having powers I do not have, nor that I claim to have.

    A lot of Christians (including myself) have false beliefs based on things outside of the bible, or a limited understanding of it. We're human, it happens. So, I believe it prudent to be cautious about certain people's claims until it can be better established.

    • Amen, brother!

    • You can't be a christian if your a illusioist to, that's against the bible

    • This debate is centuries old, and we could argue till we're blue in the face, and it would probably not change either person's perception. This is not a good forum too, as writing space is so limited.

      I respectfully disagree, of course, which is not my point; Though you're quite likely to dismiss most of what I say, my point is to recognize that while something COULD be supernatural, we should not automatically claim it is such. I feel that this is dangerous to anyone, let alone Christians.

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  • Yeah, I know! What's up with that? Why can't people just accept that the world was created by Brahma , maintained by Vishnu and will be destroyed by Shiva? People have seen them you know! And they're definitely not crazy, nooo.

    Why do they always want a "scientific" explanation when it's obvious they exist! I'm tired of hearing about this crazy "big bang" theory when the universe was blatantly created by Brahma who was born from a golden egg , the remnants of which became what we know as the universe which will be cyclically created and destroyed until the end of time! Why is that so hard to believe?

    It's SO simple!

  • Here's the thing, you say God, angels, demons exist. Now, you're not crazy only because 2/3s of the planet agree, but when you turn it around Scientologists: Crazy. Voodoo practitioners: Crazy. "Wytches"/Witches/Whytches: Crazy. Magic: Crazy. The Easter Bunny: Crazy

    So, what exactly do all these things have in common? They're all beliefs, and they are all beliefs held by popular demand to be either acceptable or not.

    • Sorry to have to be pointing this out to so many educated peopleBUT those that do not believe in god are in the minority among the world. AMERICA has become a godless nation but in reality most every culture or civilisation has a belief in some form of god....You mock people that believe in god and quote polls showing we are the minority but in fact...over all all through out history YOU have been in the minority.

  • It's because there are two groups of people, intelligent people who realize that our brains are meant to be used and that we can explain many things using logic and thinking for ourselfs. And then there's blind idiots who follow century old teachings in texts written by men who heard voices in their heads and who are also scared of the reality of life after death, scared that they can't explain everything, scared that their life has no meaning, and they need to feel as if they have that one certainty in life that they can always fall back on.

    I believe you, you're not crazy. The term we use nowadays is mentally challenged.

  • Sugar...when they want science to explain it...tell them to look up Mitochondrial DNA.

    They won't give you a hard time anymore.

    Science is actually tears down the whole idea of evolution as fast as they try to prove it.

    Ever read about the bones that were supposed to prove we evolved from apes? It was because the bones included a patella, or knee bone. Apes don't have one. Sadly, the public was not told that the patella was found over 3/4 of a mile from the remains, and chances are it isn't a part of them.

    Why did this happen? Too many sheep with the ability to read.

    • true. Evolutionists have no qualms about lying to the public and firing people who disagree.

      Expelled, the movie is great

  • No one wants a scientific explication. But building your argument on "because I said so" does not help.

  • why is it so hard for people to understand god doesn't exist?

    There are many different ideologies in this world everyone has the right to believe on their own.

    • Your point would hold water if every culture in the entire world past or present had not held some sort of belief in a diety.

    • Just because people have believed in God in the past and in the present doesn't MEAN that God exists. There is no proof. There is proof for science.

      People in the past were less scientifically advanced. They wanted an explanation for bad things that happened. They saw coincidences and created God as a means of explanation.

    • My belief holds that Butter Boy will someday return to save the world from all it's problems. In that day all those who have eaten butter will die. And all those who have not will be saved to rule on thrones of pure chocolate.

      Is that belief valid? I hope not. I just made it up.

  • The simple answer... Because there is no evidence to be seen anymore.

    And believers will say that you need only faith and that proof is not provided nor required. They will spout verses that perpetuate this inclination. But the fact of the matter is, there are no more true apostles. If you read through the new testament, wherever you read anything remotely close to "and many believed" shortly before that, in its context, you will find references to miracles and signs being performed. I for one find it hard to believe in God. Although I truly want to believe. I have studied both the theory of evolution and theology. There are holes and hurdles in both theories I find hard to overcome. Although science comes closest to laying claims of absolution, they have a higher bar to clear. And with things like the geological column (which is the reference for all carbon dating methods) having petrified trees running vertically through multiple layers, and our own fossil record showing over 200 fossilized species that are up to 700 million years old yet these species are alive and well today and guess what... They have not changed a bit in "700 million" years. Or the so called embryonic gill slits which was supposed to impress that the evolutionary process was taking place every day in expecting mothers wombs (sciences ability to reproduce results) turned out to be tissue that forms glands and parts of the ear canal...

    And don't get all fired up, fan boy atheists. Trust me, I see huge problems with almost every aspect of theology as well. Personally, as of this moment, I can't believe either. I think the facts do point more towards intelligent design... But the God of the bible is a hard pill to swallow. As it was in Jesus day and shortly thereafter. This is why the disciples and Jesus himself preached "with Gods authority" meaning they performed miracles in Jesus name to bring authenticity to the message they were teaching... This made it believable. And let me tell you, I would sell every worldly possession I own to pay for a trip to go anywhere in the world if I knew I could witness someone spreading Gods word with that kind of authority... Indisputable, undeniable authority. But alas, I have not seen nor heard of any such thing. It is the single thing I desire most, is to know that I am loved by my creator... But without authority to add authenticity to your message, its just banging pots and pans.

  • Look at books like the bible. It advocates, rape, slavery , genocide, homophobia, sexism the list goes on and on. You expect people to look at a book like that and not be disgusted with it? Or even crazyer to think it's inspired by "god". That's just silly. People look for a scientific explanation because science answers questions by hard work and study where religion just makes up stories. I trust what I see not insanity. Can you look at the world and what's going on and honestly think that a god would create something like this? remember god knows every thing before it happens so it's all right back on him. The reason the world is like it this is there is no god. Here 's a good link to do some reading www.atheists.org

    • God has a reason for every thing that happens and the world is not like this because god its because humanity is far from god

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    • Or you will be but it will be too late you will have wasted your life believing in fairy tales

    • where does it advocate rape? I know all the other places were it mentions (not advocates) those things but not rape.

  • Simple. People are afraid of what they don't understand. I can understand why some people deny religion from a scholar or scientific point of view, but most people (college or not) are not scholars or much less scientists. Most people in American culture deny religion because its convenient when not having to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Which god?






    Ahura mazda?

    ... and so on

    Which one?

    • Well I don't think that's quite the question.

      Which God might never be determined...but it is rational to say that there must be one based on all the evidence...people just didn't make up the concept

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    • 1) argumentum ad populum: just because many or all people believe (or in this case, believed) something is true, it doesn't make it so.

      2 and 3) common misconceptions about evolution, argument from incredulity and argument from ignorance. Lets assume evolution, along with half of known science, is false and I have no explanation for life/the universe. How is that evidence for your position?

      please check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_ignorance

    • Animals adapt to the changing environment. Over time, they develop a specialized niche.

  • Because that is asinine.

  • God Does Exist, Devil IDK, Demos NO.

  • I was raised Christian, until I actually read the Old Testament and looked at some of the things that were being "accomplished" by Christianity today.

  • Some people are just not spirtual, they believe in science, and reason, not fear,need or control...religion, spirituality has its time,place and purpose...

    • Thats not right for people only to belive in science , you can see the world was not a accident , it was planed excep it or not

    • And can you prove it was planned? or will you just belive a 2000 year old book blindly? bcz EVERYONE knows that 2000 years ago the sience was there to prove anything like today

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  • I choose to not accept it because it seems absurd to me. I have found countless contradictions and questions I have that have yet to be answered.

    My most important one is- Who created God? Certainly something had to have created Him, or else he would not exist. If God himself has a creator, then God is not the ultimate creator and so on. A being like that cannot appear out of nothing. And even then, look from an outsiders view- how much sense does it make that some being made all these animals and plants and humans suddenly appear, as if they were magic? If they were created out of nothing, and created by God in the likeness of God, that would mean they are perfect and that there is in fact a perfect species. We know this to be false because if a species were perfect it could thrive in EVERY environment, and we know this to be false.

    Beings are supposedly made in the likeness of God which means they are made perfect, However, what about babies born with cleft palates, or babies born with cancer? Why would a God who is supposed to be so loving and caring allow for a baby to be born with cancer or born with horrifying deformities?

    God supposedly knows everything you're going to do before you do it- predestination. He knows what you will do right and wrong. So why would he create people to deliberately send them to hell. Even if God totally runs off of free will, he still preaches acceptance and love of all people. Yet people like homosexuals, who are just as loving and caring as any other person, is damned to hell. So then it isn't even about faith in God nor is it about being a good person, its about something you cannot control- attraction.

    I could argue evolution and all the scientific evidence of evolution and about the parallels between Christianity and other pagan religions that were modeled after sun worship. I urge you to do some research because it IS interesting. I reccommend watching the Zeitgeist series about it- I think you will find it fascinating.

    In closing, I've been a christian and hung around christian and catholic people. It seems I was always being judged, always being watched. I never felt happy or accepted. I always felt damned to hell, I always felt like the only way to be loved and accepted by the others were to be a certain way and even then I wasn't being my true self. It just felt like a life of pretending out of fear.

  • To many people, God seems like a horrible person. They think he sends bad people to hell, because they don't believe in a man who gave his life for others. I too am a Christian and It is hard explaining these things to people who don't understand the bible. They always think that If God were so real, why does he let babies suffer, and people get hurt that don't deserve it. To understand what their coming from...Adam was made in the most amazing way. But because it sounds so bizarre, they have to have a scientific explanation. Monkeys evolving into Humans? That is bizarre to me. I think that is one of the stupidest lies in the world. also the creation of the Earth. We all know the Bible version. God created the Moon, stars, oceans etc..But the scientific version? Meteors striking the Earth? That is so stupid. Our government pays scientist to make up stories to turn us away from God, Do your research. You'll see what I'm talking about.

    • Youre version sounds just as "stupid" to me as well though. I was a catholic and I still never had my questions answered. I still never understood why babies were meant to suffer when humans were created in the likeness of God and were perfect until sin is introduced. BTW, evolution does not say that monkeys evolved into humans, its a lot more in depth than that. Basically, if you look at the structure of DNA, there are many similarities in the coding of many species which shows common ancestors

    • Can I just recommend a book? The Shack by William Young.

    • I would also like to recommend a "movie" its moreso a series that examines several topics. Its called Zeitgeist. Watch the portion about Christianity, its actually very very interesting because it examines the similarities between Christianity and other pagan religions that occurred before Christianity. Hopefully you can take off the "Christian hate" to watch it because it really is fascinating. I'm more than happy to take off my "athiest" hat to read about different ideas about christianity

  • Why DO people believe in god? Everyone has their own religious beliefs. Athiests don't understand why chrisitans believe in god, christians don't understand why athiests don't believe in god. Why don't you try accepting another persons beliefs instead of ridiculing them. No one needs you to try and shove your religion down their throat. Just saying =]

  • i've read these answers and mainly people here are christians or juifs but anyway I'm muslim and I always wonder why people don't wanna believe in god and demons and stuff ! actually I know u're not crazy of course for seeing something unusual or whatever you meant in ur question but I'm totally convince that god does exist and he's the only one who created this whole world and has control of it

  • My mom and dad are both bible thumpers, my siblings and I are not. I'm not looking for a scientific explination to proves he exists or he doesnt. Simply put, there are lots of things I believe in, God and Satan not included.

    • I Come from a Similar situtation...Do you not find it amusing though( He probably does as well)....the thought of us humans sitting down here on earth talking about Him and debating his existance when all around us are the signs of some intelligent design? And then there are those that will say well IF God exists then such and such must be so....is it not a tad foolish to presume to dictate to the creator of the universe what He can and cannot do?

      msg me kk?

  • You should at least learn how to spell correctly before posting a question like this...

  • It's called opinions. I don't believe in anything you said. Dig it.

  • There are too many things in the bible that doesn't make sense. It's hard to believe it without having blind faith.