Why is it so hard for people to believe in god , devil ,demons spiritual things?

They never want to accept that it is true god exists and the devil and his demons too, many people have even went through it in there life's and even saw them before like me and I am not crazy

they always want to find a scientific explication


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  • Ever hear of Occam's razor? It's the concept that (sorry for the bad spelling in advance) "entia non sunot multiplicanda praeter necesitatem." "entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity" (in other words, the simplest solution is usually the correct one).

    Ever play the telephone game? You line a bunch of people up, then have the first person whisper something to the person next to them, and each person down the line does the same. By the end, you have something that could be VERY different from what was originally said.

    I am a christian, but can be skeptical of certain people claiming certain things. I believe that the bible has many places where it mentions not just taking things on what someone has said.

    For example, a guy I knew said he played with a Ouija board, then started hearing music and voices. He asked his roommate, "did you hear that?" The roommate said "No" which automatically meant demons were talking to him because she played with the Ouija board.

    To me, there are too many variables to just go ahead and believe him without cautiousness. I don't agree with him, but I try to respect his beliefs.

    However, maybe the roommate was hard of hearing. Maybe he just didn't understand what he was supposed to be listening for, so he said "no." Maybe the friend couldn't hear certain pitches and tones... I can hear sirens a full minute before my parents can, for example.

    Maybe my friend's roommate was concentrating on something else and didn't notice what was being said. Perhaps my friend didn't remember things exactly, 100 percent clearly. Perhaps he has a slight mental disorder.

    Yes, it COULD be demons, but I believe we shouldn't just jump to the conclusion that he WAS hearing demons just because he said it was.

    As a christian who believes in the devil, I think it's prudent to be careful of giving the devil credit when he may have simply not had anything to do with the situation.

    There's a belief I hold that the problem is either in believing that the devil has a lot more power than it does, or on the other hand, that the devil could not possibly exist.

    I'm an illusionist - a mentalist (someone who makes a career out of illusion and psychology) - people will swear that I've done things in my show that I never did, and they remember differently, and that is part of the strength of my fan base, and part of the strength in audience management.

    With a lot of guts, a lot of study, and a lot of practice, there's nothing I do beyond chance that someone else can not duplicate scientifically and with some psychology, yet I have been called a "demon spawn." Some Christians have accused me of having powers I do not have, nor that I claim to have.

    A lot of Christians (including myself) have false beliefs based on things outside of the bible, or a limited understanding of it. We're human, it happens. So, I believe it prudent to be cautious about certain people's claims until it can be better established.

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      Amen, brother!

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      You can't be a christian if your a illusioist to, that's against the bible

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      This debate is centuries old, and we could argue till we're blue in the face, and it would probably not change either person's perception. This is not a good forum too, as writing space is so limited.

      I respectfully disagree, of course, which is not my point; Though you're quite likely to dismiss most of what I say, my point is to recognize that while something COULD be supernatural, we should not automatically claim it is such. I feel that this is dangerous to anyone, let alone Christians.