Why does he act interested yet avoid me sometimes?

He's done everything to show interest, and I know for a fact he is not that big of a flirt. I feel like people notice it too, yet he'll act cold sometimes. He pretty much ignores me on Facebook, yet bothers me a lot in person. He's sending mixed signals and I thought I made it clear I was interested, so either I'm more subtle than I thought or he's really not interested. Can anyone explain this?

Always more answers are appreciated! Thanks!

**Specifically if you are a shy guy, but more so one who is shy yet acts like the class clown a lot, so that it appears you really aren't shy at all.**

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  • His not sure, so I guess your not making it obvious enough. Smile at him and I mean proper smile lol. He sounds shy. It takes one to know one lol

    • I've asked him to hang out but he's always busy! So I figure he could ask me sometime or just suggest another time, otherwise it seems like he has no interest in ever hanging out. That's where I'm at right now.Like on Friday he would talk to his friends then come over to me, then back again. Then our friend and him came over, and he left, then came back. Like what? Nervous maybe? Btw thanks for being incredibly helpful.

    • Were not weird just shy to express our feelings, don't want to give a girl an ego boost lol. Yeah mix signals that's what I do so trust me just ask him out

    • We're still just friends. I really don't think this has ever happened to him before and he just doesn't know what to do. He's just really weird around me now, like he's almost avoiding me yet always trying to talk to me. Guys are weird.I'll go add you.

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