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HELP: What to do after dinner on a date?

The guy I'm seeing took me out to lunch and to the cinema last week, something I see as our first date. He made it so special with a simple walk hand... Show More

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  • find a quiet place to park, get out and lay there looking at the stars

    • What if it's cloudy out?

    • Thats a good point lol

    • Hmm, I didn't think about that. Fingers crossed its a clear, dry night lol.

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  • for some odd reason all the way through that I was thinking about sitting by a candle lit lake or pond? doubt that's possible for you though?

    • Probably not. But loving that!

      Another question: If we're texting we'll have really cute conversations and then all of a sudden he'll stop and won't text anymore. Is there any known reason behind that? Do guys just not think or care about texting. We were just texting and then he just didn't reply. And now I'm a little annoyed and confused and I'm seeing him tomorrow and don't know how to act towards him.

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