He is acting VERY interested, but he has not asked me out.

OK a guy at work ..we talk ALL the time at work..heavy flirting and "suggestive" conversations. He is acting VERY interested, but he has not asked me out. I mean this is NOT a shy acting guy at all..he will literally talk about ANYTHING with me..he emails and chats at work all the time..but has not called or text yet(has not had my number very long) ...has not asked me to go out with him any where either? WHAT IS UP GUYS?


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  • There is a slight possibility that this guy just like to flirt, and leave the girl high and dry, or he could just be dumb with women and you need to make it known that you are interested in more than being good work buddies. I mean some guys are great at opening and doing follow ups, but they can't close for the life of them. He may also be married or something and that goes back to the flirting thing. Try talking to maybe the office gossip about allot of people, not him specifically since she'll know somethings up, but that's how you can get to know him a little better without confronting him right to his face, if your worried about doing that. But honestly I don't know enough so maybe he is just a bad closer and he doesn't know when he can actually ask a girl out without being rejected, so you might have to just give him that extra nudge, guys hate being rejected just as much as women do. But don't worry too much about the married or the flirt thing, those I think are allot less likely than the dummy and the bad closer thing.


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  • There are a lot of minefields in a work realtionship..it may be discouraged overall. And what happens when you break up and still have to work together? Usually that means someone has to leave their job..

    That's aside from all the USUAL pitfalls of a beginning relationship...

    So he may want to take it very slow, and he may never want to take it beyond a fun flirtation.

    Don't be surprised by that.

    • Ok not worried about the working together thing..we are in training now and will be in opposite ends of a HUGE building..we will never see one another during work once training is over...just to let everyone know that part of it..:o)

    • But thte gossip mill will still work even in that situation...I am sure that is part of what makes him hesitate...

  • If you are sure that he likes you, then just ask him out. You might never know he just might be shy enough to be afraid of rejection by you. Many guys are afraid of rejection. Maybe that will make it easier for him if you just ask him out since you are sure that he likes you.

  • Lol no matter how confident a guy may seem to you alll guys struggle with self confidence..he probably doesn't kno how the situation will turn out so he's scared

    • Thanks that may be it..even though in my mind I have made it OBVIOUS that I am interested..he gave me his privste email address he wanted me to send him some of my head shots from when I modeled, so I did ..he responded with "damn your sexy" So why won't he just ask me out??

  • First thing that comes to my head is that it is pretty normal for guys to try to challenge themselves to get a girls attention. Its pretty normal. But hey, I don't know too much about the situation and he can like you. Gotta take the leap. Try asking him out.

    • He emails me at home TALKS at work all the time...he has suggested he wants to see me in just a towel..(<<----we had been talking about me getting ready that morning ) I mean he gets obviously nervous and turned on around me...yet nada..no date nothing...I have made it more than clear I am interested...heavy flirting back to him ..he would have to be a moron to not know I was interested?? Hence my confusion!!

  • He's just not that into you, but he really liker the flirtation

  • Their is a difference between friendly flirting and real flirting. Friendly flirting is done for fun, to flatter or for practise. If you work together, think about what will happen if the relationship ends will it get weird, awkward affect work performance etc.

    • No offense but this is big time heavy flirting...I mean suggestive flirting..totally!! I have NO DOUBT he is interested just can't figure out why he is not asking me out?

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  • The guy could be a flirt. Some men just like to flirt just for the thrill of it but have no intentions of dating you, especially if you work together. I would just continue the 'friendship' the two of you have and if he eventually asks you out then consider going but I say continue with your life, work, date other men and enjoy yourself.

  • This is happening to me too. I've learned that he just likes to flirt and has no real interest in me other than just being friends and was just leading me on. I'm not saying this is the case with you, but you have to consider it.

    • Thanks.. I have thought about that being the case also...hope not though he is really hot!

    • Lol. so was the guy in my case...i think the guys who do this are typically hot and outgoing and popular.. at least that was the case with me.. Good luck!!