The "compliment" that got me slapped?

My name is Kevin and I'm a 19 year old college student. I recently met a girl at a party. We talked for a good half hour and seemed to be hitting it off. She was very pretty, smart and nice. We even exchanged email addresses. I was so excited!

Then, things suddenly went downhill. I commented that she had a “really nice, hourglass figure”. I thought she would take it as a compliment but instead she became deeply offended. I went into damage control mode and tried to clarify my comments but I think I only made things worse when I used the term “healthy”. With a look of complete disgust, WHAP!, she slapped my face and departed.

As I was standing there alone rubbing my cheek, with my friends nearby laughing at me, I was wondering why she was so offended. She had a classic hourglass figure - quite busty, narrow waist, shapely hips/legs. I guess she had interpreted “hourglass” as meaning big/overweight/full figured. Why can't women embrace their curves?

Btw, I do have her email address. Do you think I should her an apology note or should I interpret the slap in the face as another way of saying she does not want to see me again?

Her response (shortened): I just started dating someone about a month ago so I was upset with myself for liking you and wanted you to believe that you offended me. I would love to meet you for coffee but I would fully understand if you had no interest.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You are totally full of sh*t. You just sent a version of this story to my business. Something looked weird about your email so I googled your email address and it looks like you have been sending this story around for years. I wonder why. The version of this story that you sent me just this weekend was slightly different in that there is more detail in the story. After I ignored your strange email you sent me her "reply" the next day. The reply you said she sent was completely different from her "response" shown above. Both your letter and her "response" were obviously written by you.

    I think you are a predator who is into bigger women. You try to get women to reply to your email looking for advice and then what? Do you stalk curvy women? You have posted this letter to at least 4 advice columns and you obviously troll around the internet looking for opportunities to email women about your little problem.

    I think I should notify the police because you are obviously some sort of sick predator.

    Do you have anything to say for yourself?