How do I know if it's over? Will ignoring him bring him back?

My ex sends me mixed signals, and whenever I call him on it, he says sorry and everything he does is platonic and he means none of it. For instance, we decided to be friends after a month of being broken up (which is a joke, I know) and we went out and he kept complimenting my outfit, saying I... Show More

Also, I feel like with him flip-flopping from one week saying he spoke too soon to the next being so harsh and final, that exposes his confusion.

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  • I will tell you how to get him back but you will have to follow these steps without breaking them. First, he holds the power because he KNOWS how much you care for him. He wants you by his side but he also wants to play the field. Normal dude mentality when they KNOW they got their chick in check. So here is what you do to get him to stop playing games and as you say, "make him like you again." You need to tell him he's a great guy but you think he needs to see other people because he his hurting you. IN OTHER WORDS-YOU NEED TO REJECT HIM. Then, I guarantee you this will happen. He will instantly feel his loss of power over you and will come crawling back. This is simple relationship power dynamics at work here. I would then implement no contact for at least a week to two weeks. Guys really only know what they have until its gone. So in saying that, its up to you after the cooling off period if you want to mess with the dude or not.