He says he likes me but he's scared?

i met this guy 4 years ago we hung out as friends nothing ever happened even though I would've liked it to. I moved away and just moved back. we met up again and hit it off. I've been seeing him regularly every week and a half for about 6 months now. we hang out, drink, have a really good time, and yes we sleep together sometimes all weekend. . but nothing has came out of it he texts me when he's drunk and tells me he would settle down with me and all this but then the 2 times we were supposed to go out to dinner he didn't show or call. so after the last time that he ditched me I quit talking to him. he texted 4 days later and asked if I'm mad. I said no I'm confused I really like you and I thought you really liked me. he said I do I'm just scared and that is the last I talked to him. he doesn't say how he feels but I'm crazy about him. my friends say ditch him but I like him a lot what do I do? what does he mean?