Girls: why do you ignore guys' texts/calls?

Why do girls ignore guys calls/texts when they're not interested instead of just telling a guy they're not interested?


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  • Maybe they think its less insulting that way.


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  • there's also the issue of confrontation/conflict. it's hard for some girls to be straight up, because that's not how girls are with each other. there is never an issue solved by simply stating the issue and discussing it, most times, girls are underhanded and talk to other people about the problem at hand. if she doesn't want to talk to you, she's not going to say she's not interested, she's going to give hints, and maybe tell some other people and hope that you catch on.

  • Why do guys do the exact same thing?!?

  • b/c it can be awkward to say "hey I'm not interested stop calling me" so ignoring is kinda an indirect way and they get the message. guys do it too


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  • not texting back is pretty straight forward. most guys I've known as well as myself have experience this. what about when she does texts back but can't figure out where you are in that relationship... that's the noodle scratcher.. then its does she doesn't shes...

  • Because she just don't care about you, she don't care so much that she don't give a respon.