If she obviously likes me why does she play games?

It makes no sense really. I met this girl at a horrible time where most would run away. She had a restraining order against her ex and was in and out of court and her mom passed away but I stuck by her side. I was her shoulder to cry on. She told me I was an amazing guy and that if things were... Show More

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  • First, I don't think this sounds like a good girl for you, it sounds like she gets off on knowing that you want her, and is just using you to get that sense of being desirable.

    Second, IMO there is a harsh truth you've never realized here about women my brother:

    Women do not use logic to decide what men they are with.

    You will never "reason" this girl into being your girl friend. No matter how much it makes sense, you can not talk her into it and show her it makes sense. Just look at the last guy she was with before, did she use reason to decide to be with him? Has she ever gone with the one who would logically be the "good" guy?

    Of course not. She was with an abusive f*** who had a restraining order against her. This is wear the old expression "nice guys finish last" comes from.

    Women make the decision to be with a man based on her emotions, her feelings, not her logic. You can't talk her into being with you, even if you are right. Even if you are the best guy in the world for her, you cannot talk her into getting horny for you. Women do not choose to get horny any more than men do. She will not want you based on logic. And if you try, you will just be banging your head against a wall.

    Women like guys who are exciting, women like guys who make their hearts flutter and their breath catch in their throat. Women like guys who make them laugh and who take them on an emotional roller coaster ride. They make their choices about men with their emotions.

    So what we men see as "stupid games" women just see as trying to get an emotional reaction out of you. Every time you see her doing something which to you is "Stupid" it is probably because she is making her decision based on whatever feeling she is feeling at that moment, instead of her logic.

    Now, with that in mind, look at the kind of men she likes to be with. Look at the way she lives her life and the decisions she makes. Is this really a girl you'd want to be with if you got her? Or do you just want her because she has become some challenge that was denied to you?

    Hope that helps brother.