How long should I wait before responding to a text?

I really like this guy but I don't want to come across as desperate so what's the longest I should wait before responding to a text

Thinking about it is there really a time limit? it's not a game its life


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  • LOL!

    There is NO rules for texting.

    your bewteen 25-29, why is there the need for the teenage way of picking up a guy?

    I understand that coming accross too desperate is a put off but planning how long your going to take to reply is ridiculous. Your probably bursting with excitement and cannot wait to reply.

    Reply in your own time, obviously not straight away.

    Be casual and be you.

    Treat him like anyone else, would you actually put a time on when you'd reply to a friend, your mum?

    This 'timing my reply' thing won't last forever so what's the point in doing it now.

    It's seriously obvious when somebody tries to act hard to get or tries to put on the 'i'm not desperate' thing. I'm not trying to imply that you are desperate or anything like that but hey.

    If the guy takes the p*ss at replying back to you then that's when you end up playing his game and replying a bit slower, but not too long.

    Just put witt and humour into your texts. You could reply with a blunt boring text with the exact amount of timing to reply he likes but the text will be a disapointment, or you could reply a little quicker with witt and humour and he'll be much more interested.

    In my own opinion, I don't care how long they take to reply aslong as the text is worth reading.

    Taking too long bores me though :)

    • Lol your right thanks for the advice I'm just gonna go with the flow and not worry about it I'm just being silly cause I had such a great time with him

    • It's the best thing to go with the flow.

      Good luck :)

    • Thank you good luck to you too

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  • 5 min if the convo has already started. 30 if he just texted you.

    • Oh and there is nothing worse when you're trying to have a serious conversation and the girl takes forever to text back. Huge turn off. Hold a normal conversation and text when you can. They guy won't judge, unless he gets a response before he can put his phone back in his pocket.

  • Christ. These answeres are all over the map. Text back when it's appropriate. In other words, when you have something to say, and aren't driving. Trying to find the perfect amount of time to not sound too desperate or too disinterested is not a blanket number you can put on anyone. Just go with the flow...

  • Only a few minutes.


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  • Text back when you actually can/want to. If you're putting a time limit on it, you're thinking too hard. And if you keep going with the same time limit, he's eventually going to realize that you always wait X number of minutes to respond.

  • Dont wait too long or he'll think your not that into him.

  • 2-4 minutes. Any less, you're desperate. Any more and he will think that you're too apathetic.

  • with a text, you should text right back depending on the time of course