When you hug a guy, where do put your arms? Around his neck?

Ok well I wan't to get closer to a guy I like, but I don't want to have one of those awkward hugs where you don't know what to do. Do I put my hands around his neck, or like another way like this: link or like this : link or this : link , except without the mobile phone

also for the second pic, like that was an example, in a real situation where would I put my face (if I was not going to kiss him or say something to him) would I just sort of rest it on his shoulder?


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  • First one's only for dancing/dramatic effect - Second one's only for when you want to say something really important to them, or things get really awkward really fast, you'd be like "well uh... hello there. You're um... taller than you look." - Third looks kind of slouchy... I'd suggest going under the arms and giving him a nice, friendly hug. No awkwardness, and lots of love. 'course, it all depends on how close you are to him.


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  • Go with the second picture. Around his neck.

    The other two look like pathetic excuses for hugs. It's the girls equivalent of a one armed hug.

  • Whatever comes naturally will do. If nothing comes naturally, well I guess you're just going to embarrass yourself.

  • Just put your arms where you feel comfortable. Around his shoulders is fine, but you shouldn't worry about that so much. What will tell him more is where you put your head. Trying laying your head on his chest/shoulder. He'll get the idea. If he likes you too the hug will probably last a little longer than usual - there's your sign that you can be a little more aggressive with other things. Hope that helps!

  • how close are you with him right now?, Because some of those could be ackward depending on your current situation, a universal freind hug is in the update you put up, the rest are at differnt points in relationships.

    • Well now he is my bf, and I hug him how the same way as the last pic, except I stay there for a while, so it's a long hug.

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    • Not even a week, but we have both liked each other for quite a while now.

    • Then you can probally move up to the first link, it has only been a week though so don't take it too fast.

  • I have to say that link #2 is a slow dance hold. Link #1 is a hug.

  • Try em all figure out which one you like the best...


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  • when I hug my friends, girls and guys, I have one arm around their neck (above their arm) and another on their back (below their arm), and they do the same, but opposite. with my boyfriend, or someone I wanted to be my boyfriend, I would have my arms around their neck, they'd have their arms around my waist.

    the first one keeps the feeling more 'buddy buddy'

    the second makes you seem more feminine and can make him see you as a possible girlfriend easier.

  • Well the 2nd one certainly looks the most romantic but what causes awkward hugs is actually putting too much thought into what you're doing... just do what comes naturally.

  • If he's significantly taller than you, go for the a hug like the link you added most recently. My boyfriend and I have a 12" height difference and that way eliminates the awkward bent over hunch factor :)

    • Yer he is taller than me, pretty much everyone is, I'm fairly short for my age. But I am younger than him aswell. Yer well I only ever hug my dad (i'm not really much of a hugging person unless I reall care about the person) and since he is taller than I do the latest link, except in a more "family love" manner. Also I find the latest link the most easy and comfortable one. so I'm gonna try that :D

    • **THEN not THAN lol

  • Use the guy-hug. That's what I do with male family members. Lean forward, chest barely touches his, wrap one arm around his shoulder towards the middle of his back and go *PAT PAT* then move away after like 1 second. Friendly hug, physical contact, zero awkwardness ^_^

    • I meant the middle of his UPPER back like the middle of his shoulders * don't point your arm down, that'd be weird, like a fail assgrab LOL

  • I'm for the second link.


    As for the beach couple, if you're so shorter than him, why not?