Guys, why do you like hugging your favorite girl?

why do you like to hug a girl that you really like but she's not your girl and what does a big hug from behind with a deep long kiss on the cheek mean?


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  • couldn't tell you cause I'm not a hugger. or a kisser. in fact physical contact of any kind for the most part is reserved for my significant other.

    • Awwww...:) guys like you are rare.

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  • Probably it means you're such a terrible flirt that guys think it's OK to get physical like this!

    • Not terrible flirt. a good one lol. only this guy did this to me. and the others just play poke with me but have no guts to do anything else because they know they're not welcome. this guy is my close friend

    • That's what I meant by 'terrible'--meanng 'good'--

    • Awww lol... thanks

  • We like to hug girls we really like, because it's nice. We like that person, and hugging them feels wonderful, especially if they hug back. I do it with my best friend, because I love her and would do anything for her, but I'm not interested in something else.

    But hugging from the back, that's different. Especially the kiss on the cheek. I'd feel like I'm crossing the lines if she isn't my girl.

    If I see a guy hugging a girl from behind and kissing someone who isn't his girlfriend, I'd be 100% he thinks that girl is hot and would sleep with her without thinking twice. It doesn't necessarily mean he would, but that sh*t isn't cool to do with someone who isn't your girlfriend, because I know if that girl ever does get a boyfriend, that guy isn't going to put up with that sort of sh*t coming from one of her guy friends.

    My best friend has a boyfriend, who doesn't mind that me and her are friends, or that we hug each other. But I'm pretty sure that if him or any self-respecting guy saw me hug their girlfriend from behind, and kiss her on the cheek, things would get pretty heated.

    • Yea I was shocked he just hugged me from behind and kissed me too. tho it was on the cheek. he likes to ask for hugs. like maybe 4 under an hour. lol. even at work. omg. when everybodys there.

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    • Maybe he's fine being just friends with you, even though he would like being more. It means he respects what you want, instead of just looking at what he wants. But with the hugs and kisses, you have to ask yourself if you'd be cool with him doing that if your boyfriend was around. I know I'd get jealous if a guy started hugging my future girlfriend from behind. ?.? His penis should never be that close to her butt!!! Grr...

    • Wow that's so true. but I don't think he will ever dare to hug me when my man is around or his gf. that's rude. unless he has no feelings for me because people can see it you know. his girlfriend gave me a cold shoulder the other weekend. :( anyways, things are slowing down. I haven't been talking to him at all anymore unlike before. so is he. so its not really bestfriends anymore :(

  • Maybe he wishes you were his girl.

    • He already wished but he knows he can't have me. we are friends still. so does that mean he still wishes tho?

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    • Well, that's his problamo lol. He just randomly drives by? Yeah, he's for sure stuck on you.

    • Yeah like he used to...before we stopped talking. then he did it again

  • it is what it is, maybe he forgets , but how can you forget a "significant" other...he's trying to feel you up from the back..thoughts happen quick

    • So he will never ever forget me?

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    • O, lol,,ok...well any more questions? :)

    • Check my new questions.

  • wel its simple we hug so tht she cud b ours and hug from back makes us closer and long kiss on check is to express love ..

    • Well he's my friend and he is taken. and so am i. so the long kiss on the cheek could mean he misses me?

  • hugging leads to other things...


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  • They hug you so they can feel your boobs on them. But then they find out they suck so they kiss you on the cheek to make you feel better

    • Lol.. he likes to hug from behind

    • Well same thing with your butt...

    • Lol. I guess its one way for girls to see it, but when I hug my girl friends(even those that I like alot), I don't do it to feel their boobs or ass... I'm a good hugger lol. everyone tells me so. but on the offchance I do feel their boobs against my chest, that's just a bonus haha