Why men compliment other women in front of girls who like them

single 37yrs old. falling for a 27yr old man I met at the car club we both are a member of.

why men give comments about how sexy the girl across the room is in front of a girl who likes them.


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  • i always thought it was to let the girl know that he's not interested in her

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      Me too.

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      Very true, you and xobrowneyedbeauty are right on I think. Some guys play mind games but allot of times if a guy "knows" a girl likes him and he says someone else is hot, that means he's not into her. Or he could just be dumb lol...

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      That's what it's tantamount to. Alternately, it's basically announcing that he's emotionally unprepared for anything half-way resembling a healthy relationship.