Why a girl avoids eye contact?

Does anyone knows why would a girl avoid eye contact during a conversation? It does not happen before neither after but just when there it is a close encounter.


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  • Whenn you look in a girls eyes, it feels like your looking right into us. Like you can see what were thinking and feeling when we don't want you to.

    • I kind love your feedback a lot about avoiding eye contact. Would you mind if I add you in my contact list?

    • Nope add away

    • I agree:) It is INVASIVE

      It CAN feel cool, however if I'm actually thinking about the guy I feel like he can see thru me

      I actually feel like he is looking straight at me BECAUSE he knows &he has power of knowledge,

      its a very intense thing & I do not want him understanding me before I do

      on the other hand I love eyes if I like a guy his eyes are so captivating its hard not 2 stare

      If was feeling guilty for thinking ABOUT thinkig about him...I would avoid his stare :)

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  • well, if I'm conversating with a guy and I'm not looking into his eyes its because he just so cute and hot and every time I do look at him its like electric emotion that's great don't get me wrong but it can make me feel nervous in a good way...so I may avoid eye contact..

  • The only reason I can't look a guy in the eyes is because I get really nervous or uncomfortable. But sometimes it's pretty much cuhs I feel insecure.

    • It is a natural reaction when looking at people to feel nervous or uncomfortable

  • normally, when I'm talking to a really cute guy.. I can't look at him. I don't know why. I guess it's because if I do, I'll end up messing up what I'm saying, & I don't know it's awkward when I'm talking and just looking at his eyes, haha I really don't know.

  • she may just like you, but is shy. This happens to me with guys I really like. Is she likes this with just you, or other guys too... If it's just you, she's definitely into you, or is at the least made nervous by you.

  • Sometimes I do it subconsciously. It's just part of my mannerisms when I'm joking around or something lol. Otherwise, I only do it when the conversation gets uncomfortable -- like if it's really personal.

  • well for me personaly its because I'm really shy and it just makes me uncomfortable as hell

  • well I personally don't like full on eye contact. when someone does that to me I get uncomfortable. But also I get shy, so I feel that I need to look around when I'm talking, because I'll soon become nervous and lose all train of thought.

  • usually, if I don't keep eye contact with a guy I'm interested in, its because I start getting shy and don't want to say something dumb if because I'm distracted by him. or sometimes, I get a little insecure because I feel like he's just staring at me and its so much easier to judge me that way lol if that makes any sense


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  • Look up Asperger Syndrome or some other Pervasive Development Disorder. That's a possibility.

  • maybe you make her nervous or something. because I had the thing happend to me. she looked me in the eyes for like 3 seconds and the she started gigglin and stuff