Why a girl avoids eye contact?

Does anyone knows why would a girl avoid eye contact during a conversation? It does not happen before neither after but just when there it is a close encounter.


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  • Whenn you look in a girls eyes, it feels like your looking right into us. Like you can see what were thinking and feeling when we don't want you to.

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      I kind love your feedback a lot about avoiding eye contact. Would you mind if I add you in my contact list?

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      Nope add away

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      I agree:) It is INVASIVE

      It CAN feel cool, however if I'm actually thinking about the guy I feel like he can see thru me

      I actually feel like he is looking straight at me BECAUSE he knows &he has power of knowledge,

      its a very intense thing & I do not want him understanding me before I do

      on the other hand I love eyes if I like a guy his eyes are so captivating its hard not 2 stare

      If was feeling guilty for thinking ABOUT thinkig about him...I would avoid his stare :)