How do you keep a conversation going?

What to ask a girl and how to keep a conversation going? How do you keep a conversation going with a girl and keep it interesting. I want to know the easy and simple questions that will work.


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  • (working chick)

    What do you do?

    Is that what you've always wanted to do?

    What did you really want to do?

    What happened?

    What do you do when you're stressed?

    What do you usually do after work?

    (College chick)

    What school/Major?

    Is that what you wanted?

    What do you like about it?

    What do you not like about it?

    Do you already have plans after you graduate?


    What are you drinking? Do you like --- ?

    What do you do for fun over here?

    What do you do for fun over there?

    What do you think of the the chinese gymnastics? (olympicS)

    Do you think Phelps is hot? DId you know his body is like a fish? (olympics)

    What do you think of Russia and Georgia?

    Have you seen The Dark Knight?

    Or, just try to ask questions that don't end with "yes" or "no", unless you have a follow up question for it.


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  • find out what she's interested in, and ask her about it. at the same time thou, talk about what interests you. basic human nature is that we like talking about ourselves, a lot. let her do that, but make sure that you add your own input as well.

  • Ask her just about anything, and if she finds you interesting she will make the conversation flow no matter what. Ask her about favorite movies, hobbies, favorite subjects, family members. You name it.

  • Ask her about her self like what she likes and stuff. And don't mention old girlfriends.

  • ask her what she likes to do in her freetime, what her hobbies are, what type of music she likes, ummm what type of movies she likes, and if she likes sports- if so, which ones? f you have anything in common with her, maybe ask her to go to a concert? movie? sports game? what she looks for in a guy. hope this helped! :)

  • Ask her about herself, ask her if you two have anything in common, and use the things that the other people before me said. They are great too!

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  • The idea is to pummel her with questions so that she feels interrogated.

    Make sure that you just ask questions, especially when you just walk up.

    Make sure you make it blatantly obvious in the first couple of seconds that you want to sleep with her and be her boyfriend.

    Staring at her eyes and drooling helps.


    In other words, most of what women said, and what the people said in this video is wrong.

    so there.

  • First thing get to know her ask her what she likes and mix up the questions make interested and if you do that every week it would be a connection

  • Ask if she supports Chelsea. Chelsea fans can get along well with everyone.