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Why do people ignore others?

Why do people ignore e-mails or phone calls so often? Let's say you're high up on the corporate scale, but you're the one to talk to for. whatever.... Show More

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  • People ignore others because they don't want to mess with it simply because they are lazy or feel guilty in facing a problem. If people ignore you then they aren't worth your time ._.

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  • I'm in the same boat and it really irritates me. I don't understand why people ignore me so often. It doesn't matter if I'm wanting to get to know a girl, trying to make a new friend, or even just e-mailing a supposed friend I just haven't talked to in a while. I keep the message short and sweet ... 1 to 3 sentences tops, with an open-ended question to hopefully stimulate some kind of conversation. And yet I am ignored so often I don't even *expect* responses most of the time. I don't get it. I'm not rude, people love being around me in public. I don't ask difficult questions. I don't use any cheesy pickup lines when trying to meet a girl. It doesn't make any sense.What really bugs me the most though is when I message someone on some kind of community website ... a person who clearly has stated in their profile, "please don't hesitate to message me about anything if you want to talk or know more," and yet the messages I send *are never even read*. Just doesn't make any sense. People are rude.

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