Why can't I stop thinking of him?

Okay so I went out with this boy for a month and we were talking for about 2 months. We went out and he cheated on me and lied A LOT.

I know he doesn't want me back or anything to do with me now but I can't stop thinking about him. He's a jerk and I know that but he's just been on my mind non stop

-Why can't I stop thinking of him?

-What can I do to get him out of my head?!


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  • 1st: WoW heavy stuff.

    2nd: There isn't anything wrong with thinking of a past lover, or what have you, as long as it don't interfere with your normal every day life. Like for example if you stopped showering or stopped eating, then that's a little extreme and I'd say snap the f*** out of it. but if you're just thinking of him then no harm.

    3rd: WTF is wrong with you!, you're thinking about a douche bag, d***-less, loser coward that cheated on you, and you even acknowledged his jerky-ness (I had to make up a word to convey my emotions) what dose that say about you?

    4th: you know why you can't stop thinking about him, because you think you're not special, that's right, you think you're not worthy of a guy that will treat you like the gem that you are and this need not be, YOU DO DESERVE A GUY THAT WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT, and his out there some where waiting for you to SNAP THE F*** OUT OF IT and find him.

    5th: here's a way to stop thinking of some one that doesn't deserve one second of your metal energy F***ING STOP IT ALREADY!

    hope I helped :)

    • Haha thanksss :) it actually did help

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    • Wow well said jevaunit1!! lol where have you been when I broke up with my crappy Ex!! Gosh, you would have definitely set me straight! lol but lovex this guy's right! Don't mull over this jerk. I've done it before and it just leads to more trouble! Hun, you deserve so much better because you do deserve the best =D

    • Thanx cypher, sorry I missed that opportunity :) but sounds like you snapped back into shape on your own nicely:)


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  • yeah I get you I am going through a similar experience. I dated this girl for about 1 &1/2 months and she was really sweet and I fell in love with her I thought she really liked me because she would tell me she was thinking about me and missing me and couldn't wait to see me. I spent the night with her for the first time and it was great. In the morning she asked to take some photos of me and my heart just sank because I knew what was comming next. she got back with her boyfriend and dumped me. I was hurt real bad. she didn't let me know she was still in love with her old boyfriend. she got rid of me like I was nothing and she just hung the phone up on me when I told her how much I loved her. just like you I just can't get her out of my head too and I still really care about her. I think I really need to find someone who I care about more than I do for her. but yeah if you do get him out of your head please let me know how you did it.

  • You can't stop thinking about him because all except for the lying and cheating you liked him and you became connected. You made a bond to him that he broke and you were angry. You still like him just not what he did.

  • 1st thing is did you ever lie to him? 2nd thing is if he love you and can do anything for you than don't go to another stuffs. make him realise that how much you love him. and if he loves you and lie to you there must be some reason to lie you. find out that why he lie to you and you will come to know everything and may be ur problem will be solved by that. finding another one is risky because you don't know who will cheat you on to whom you have to trust. I agree with ur comment that he is jurk but at least ask him direct why he did this to u. you must have to know that without taking ur decision. after knowing everything don't take any decision. might be possible that other people advise you to find someone else but that is not the way to be happy in this world. once you have to share ur feeling with him and than wait for his reply for few days. I'm sorry if you feel bad but try best to get ur love. I would like to wish you good luck for that. cheeers buddy

  • you can't stop thinking about him because you love him and this is the time to ask hi straight forward that is he love you or not. if he loves you than accept him or if he is ignoring you and find some1 else than kick on his ass


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  • Well to start don't stress about it. Go out and keep yourself occupied like watch movies, go out with friends, go to the movies. Just keep yourself occupied. You don't wanna be with a guy that is going to lie to you because he will always lie to you there will NEVER be trust and that's the foundation of many relationships. So just go out and have fun, he will be out of your head before you know it. It is normal to think of someone you have been dating but it was short term so it will all pass with time trust me=D