Why can't I stop thinking of him?

Okay so I went out with this boy for a month and we were talking for about 2 months. We went out and he cheated on me and lied A LOT.

I know he doesn't want me back or anything to do with me now but I can't stop thinking about him. He's a jerk and I know that but he's just been on my mind non stop

-Why can't I stop thinking of him?

-What can I do to get him out of my head?!


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  • 1st: WoW heavy stuff.

    2nd: There isn't anything wrong with thinking of a past lover, or what have you, as long as it don't interfere with your normal every day life. Like for example if you stopped showering or stopped eating, then that's a little extreme and I'd say snap the f*** out of it. but if you're just thinking of him then no harm.

    3rd: WTF is wrong with you!, you're thinking about a douche bag, d***-less, loser coward that cheated on you, and you even acknowledged his jerky-ness (I had to make up a word to convey my emotions) what dose that say about you?

    4th: you know why you can't stop thinking about him, because you think you're not special, that's right, you think you're not worthy of a guy that will treat you like the gem that you are and this need not be, YOU DO DESERVE A GUY THAT WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT, and his out there some where waiting for you to SNAP THE F*** OUT OF IT and find him.

    5th: here's a way to stop thinking of some one that doesn't deserve one second of your metal energy F***ING STOP IT ALREADY!

    hope I helped :)

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      Haha thanksss :) it actually did help

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      Wow well said jevaunit1!! lol where have you been when I broke up with my crappy Ex!! Gosh, you would have definitely set me straight! lol but lovex this guy's right! Don't mull over this jerk. I've done it before and it just leads to more trouble! Hun, you deserve so much better because you do deserve the best =D

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      Thanx cypher, sorry I missed that opportunity :) but sounds like you snapped back into shape on your own nicely:)