What does it means if a guy cancels a date at the last minute, not once, but twice?

So here's the thing me and this guy been going out every weekend and its been fun, this weekend we have plan dinner and it was my turn too cook. He act all excited and keep saying he couldn't wait 'til Saturday... Well Saturday came around and I txt him to make sure we still up for the dinner and as expected I got the same response as all week long "yes, I can't wait to see you" Then an hr. before the time agree he txt me and tells me he has to work late so we cancel, but he says "we can do this tomorrow because I don't have to be at work" so of course I got all happy and I say of course! Well today I text him around noon and got not answer, then about an hr later I text him again asking him if he was OK. Finally after 4 hrs he text me saying "I'm sorry I'm at work again" So here I am wondering if he ditch me because of work or just for the hell of it :( I feel bad because I don't wanna be a total bitch about it, but in the other hand I feel sad because I really look forward for this dinner that I have plan all week long :( What should I do?


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  • If you really like him, give him a chance. It sounds like it would be a work thing, but then I don't know if he normally works weekends or not so that's not really my call. My theory is why would he ask to reschedule so soon (next day) the first time if he wasn't interested in you?

    I've had a guy cancel two dates in a row on me before, and it really got to me because you spend all this time getting ready only to find out it's for nothing. So when he called to cancel the second time I just said "that's fine, hope everything is ok. Let me know if you want to catch up when things aren't so busy". I left it at that, and assumed he really wasn't that interested.

    A friend of mine worked in the same building so I asked her if she'd heard anything about him being really busy. Turns out his work contract was up for review and he had a whole lot of deadlines to meet to make sure they renewed it. He called a week later and asked me out, and this time he didn't cancel. My point is, sometimes life gets in the way of dates.

    Hope it works out for you :)


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  • Once is reasonable but twice, one right after the other isn't. This guy is a f*** so stop wasting you time. with him.


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  • he needs to make it up to you if he's still interested (which doesn't sound like he is)