Is he flirting or just being nice?

I work as a nurse in a hospital, there is a doctor there that I think is flirting with me. When he is on the floor he is always the first one to initiate any kind of contact, whether it is to say hello or ask me how I am doing, or just talking. The last time we talked he asked how I was, then started asking how my mom was. When I asked him about sending a patient to a different unit he said the patient really didn't need to go to a different unit, but since I was the one asking he would send this patient. Meaning if anyone but me had asked he would have said no. We only seem to run into each other at work maybe five times a month. A month ago I talked to him about some health problems I was having, even though I had an appointment to see a different doctor. The next day when I went to see this other doctor I found out this doctor from work had called him and talked to him about me. Is he just being nice or could he be interested? Oh and he is married to someone that works at the same hospital.

I seen this doctor, he sent me for tests. When the results came back he left a message on my cell phone saying things looked good and I could relax a bit and not worry and he would talk to me more about it when he seen me next.


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  • Interesting...there is definitely some interest here, he some how feels a bit connected to you, and I would say the sending of the patient thing is a bit of a flirt. You see he is professionally subtle, and sometimes this is done purposely just in case you aren't interested, and could be interpreted as just being polite, maybe it's to see your reaction. You need to do something to find out for sure, initiate conversation something, because so far he has you unsure, I guess because he is also. Keep me updated.


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  • A straight nurse-Shock Horror! usually nurses are Butch dyke militant gender seperatist lesbians, at least in Australia they are. No. He absolutely likes you. your feminine, a medical proffesional -you understand him, his long hours or talking shop. Doctors have pretty much gone to school and studied there entire lives that's why there social skills on the outside world are sh*thouse while we partied at university they studied.

    Im unsure of the kind of woman you are but Id flirt with the wife in hopes of a threeway, in a hospital work environment where everyone gossips -an affair with a doctor will be public knowledge quickly but the threeway allows the blessing of all parties involved.


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  • GiGirl, he is married! OK. Do not try to initiate nothing! . Even if you do, you will always be the other woman who everybody talks about behind your back, in front of you and your coworkers will not respect you.

    Have you considered that you could be imagining this romantic encounters and situations? You could have developed a crush on him. Kind of a student develops a crush on teacher, a secretary develops a crush on a boss or a coworker, a patient develops a crush on her/his doctor. We just like the fact that they pay attention to us, they are always polite and respectful.

    **Bottom line we only see the good sight of them.**

  • His actions are way beyond the professional level. He seems interested in you, but the fact that he's married is a big NO-NO! Even if he did have some chemistry with you, would you really want to be with someone who was willing to have an extramarital affair (assuming you'd actually go for that)?

  • I'd say yes, he is flirting. And I feel for you, because I am kind of in the same boat--trying to figure out if this person--who really should not be flirting--is actually flirting with me, or if I am just reading too much into everything. My gut tells me yes, and I tend to think most women can sense if there is an attraction there, even if it is subtle.

    Yes, he is married, and no you don't want to "go there". But sometimes its nice to flirt a little, just for the fun of it. Its nice to feel like you are still attractive to the opposite sex, even (or especially) if you are married.

  • Guys in the medical field tend to be very flirtatious, and at times go to far. But he could just be looking to get laid or have an affair. Or he could just be a flirty Dr. But considering he is married and the title he carries it won't be more than just a fling.